Celebration 2

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 1 Aug 2009 22:39
Emancipation Celebration Parade - Part Two
Queen Ella giving it Stax, a chap I stopped to dance with and a truly beautiful young lady
Downtown Port of Spain, impromptu place to have a picnic. The Museum and one for you Lord G
Just like any public event there was a police presence, but for the size of the crowd not many, all very good natured and joining in the fun.
To our knowledge the only reveler slid away that "slid" away with the police, anything will do as a water cup and time 'for a fag'.
"I am only admiring his instrument"  well put your eye balls back in. Great hats
One of the really great bands and fun to jig beside
Great hair, lovely ladies and my personal favourite 
When we had finally walked the full route and everyone had settled into Savannah Park we were addressed by the special guest - The Ambassador of Nigeria - then the first group of traditional African drums
This chap is only put in here for me to look at - so put the baby oil down then. One of the dancers taken by Jim showing my need for a better camera. This was a dance and drum group called COBA - Company of black artists from Canada who really wowed the audience with perfect timing, rhythm and fusion of drum and dance.
I cannot begin to describe the noise, bass beat and heat, but when it's zeds time, you just have to catch them. Pete was bemused.
When we got back we found an oil platform in the bay. Pete had to resort to older methods when his outboard conked out and the rig later all lit up.