A Week - Already

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 27 Jun 2012 22:31
We have been in Guatemala For A Whole Week
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Wednesday 20th: We arrive and spend the night on a temporary slip outside the Tortugal Marina Office. We were welcomed by Hishmett, Yasemin and Misha (Takatuka). So good to see them.
Thursday 21st: The following morning at seven thirty we listen to the cruisers net and we book in for the Trivia Quiz. Ten o’clock, line handlers and a dinghy help us back into a slip at a very, very odd angle. Bear set to work getting all the lines as he wants them, sets up the air-con (which sits perfectly in the doorway, upper wash board in place and the hatch cover fits beautifully). We go to explore the jungle just behind the girl via the yellow boarding plank, how fitting for the Beez. Mike one of the owners leads our tour and cunningly we end up in the bar steps beyond the office. Taking a look at the menu we see prices are not bad and breakfast is served every morning from eight to ten. Maybe one morning when it’s my turn to cook........... Burger and chips is three pounds fifty and steak seven pounds. We settled just now for a couple of strawberry daiquiri's.

BB Waterfall and Canyon 001  BB Waterfall and Canyon 004

Bear’s eggs are getting more legendary every time he cooks them. Mine are always perfect.


BB Waterfall and Canyon 011  BB Waterfall and Canyon 015

Misha on the marina launch to town. The building is the bar and restaurant. Beez is three slips down on the left, out of shot.


BB Waterfall and Canyon 146  BB Waterfall and Canyon 145

BB Waterfall and Canyon 147  BB Waterfall and Canyon 148

Our bimble in to town (Fronters) for a SIM card was a success. Tool shops for Bear to rifle, the local equivalent of McD’s and a supermarket with most of the basics. Apparently there are a couple of chandlers and won’t it be fun to be able to chatter in Spanish. More to follow............................Yes, dear.

BB Waterfall and Canyon 005  BB Waterfall and Canyon 006 
To begin the static cruisers life we are picked up at four thirty and whisked at speed, by launch, across the river to Mar Marina for Quiz Night. We didn’t have to wait too long before Dorothy and Duncan (Hunda – first met in Trinidad and last August in Deltaville, we remember bingo nights in the fire station on a Monday so well) appeared mid huge hugs. They were in a team so we ended up with new people who were spare like us. We would have won except a young Canadian insisted that the most watched video clip was ‘Charlie bit my finger’ instead of Justin Baby Face. Oh well. Half way through the quiz to our surprise and pleasure Howard and Janelle walked in (Georgeann). More big hugs. The special of the evening was a choice of Chinese. I had S+S Chicken and rice. Bear had spring rolls, he finished what I couldn’t and we both agreed our supper was first rate.
Friday 22nd: Dorothy had organised a trip to the waterfall and canyon nearby and we jumped at the chance. (Own blogs).
BB Waterfall and Canyon 167
Saturday 23rd: We did some chores in the morning. Late morning Howard and Janelle popped over, more daiquiri's and light lunch. They took us back to Georgeann and introduced us to their hand held “electric” winch. Their dinghy was up in a minute. We had supper in Mar Marina and got the shuttle home. A lovely day.

BB Waterfall and Canyon 007

Some of the tables here are brightly painted. We have been told there are plain ones waiting for anyone who fancies turning artist. Paint provided.


Sunday 24th: Stayed in all day. Bear stripped our toilet. Muttering, followed by a very long shower, but hey, it’s as good as new. Staying indoors with the air-con has been no hardship as the temperature for the last two days has been a staggering forty eight Centigrade. Outside we really cannot hold the girls steelwork at all. The front is covered by our yellow submarine cover, the one that Mervyn made us in Trinidad.
Monday 25th: Larry’s birthday. (Own blog).
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BB Larry's Birthday 010
There is a big group in from America and Australia, staying in the dorm at the back of the marina. They are on their last stop after Honduras and Belize. We enjoyed watching them have fun.
BB Larry's Birthday 009
We stopped what we were doing to watch this chap with an awfully long drill bit – for a small post.
BF BB took in Marina 004  BF BB took in Marina 001
BF BB took in Marina 005
The river was suddenly covered in great blankets of green. bear went to investigate and was told – water hyacinths. They cut them up river and they float with guides who sell them. 

BB Larry's Birthday 037

Yup, but mine yet again were perfect.

Tuesday 26th: Bear was busy at his chores list. I did blogs. Then we went for a swim and chatted to Hishmett and Yasemin.
Wednesday 27th: Spent the day shutting the girl down and packing to go off on a road trip with the gang, once again Dorothy is our star lady. We are leaving early in the morning to bus to Antigua. Spend a few nights, then a few at Lake Atilan. We peel away from the group on Wednesday the 4th of July to move in with a family. The next morning sees us with “Full Immersion” into Spanish School back in Antigus. Four hours in the morning one to one, verbs etc. Then two in the afternoon with another teacher each for conversation. GULP. It is the only way we will do it. I have a beautifully wrapped CD course and only once listened to the course on my IPod. The ladies voice said “window”, I said “fenetre”. A mans voice said “Plonker”. We’ll keep you posted. Finally and Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
BF BB took in Marina 008