Family Enzor

We Meet Up at the Opera House for Family Fun
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We met Lesley, Nick, Charlotte and Sam at the Opera House Bar, soon settled at a table, the children wanted to dig in their Christmas sacks. Charlotte opened her small globe first and quietly asked me if Sam had any gifts. I reassured her that they each had the same number of parcels. Sam dug in his sack and came out with a difficult one to get into.
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So much concentration went into choosing the correct piece for his Thomas jigsaw. Success as the wheel went into place.
Lesley and Charlotte in a lovely pose.
Charlotte was flabbergasted that Beez Neez didn’t have a washing machine.
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Nick bought us lots of tasty dishes to share, then toy slime became a winner. Our gift from the family was a voucher to take a tour of the Opera House. How thrilled we were, a Sydney bucket list must, so looking forward to ticking that box.
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Lesley and Sam check out his new back sack. Charlotte and Sam test drive their back sacks.
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Charlotte worked out that she would have four chocolate coins left if she gave one to each of us. She very secretly handed me two with strict instructions that one was for Bear. A few minutes later “I would like to give Bear’s chocolate to him myself”. Clearly I was not to be trusted to fulfil the task. Big hugs as Bear took his offered coin. How touching it was that Charlotte wanted to share her booty with us. “Why is Bear called Bear”. I explained that he snores like one, is fluffy like one, rubs his tummy like one and is so very ticklish and can growl. Insy whinsy spider was tried out and as usual Bear couldn’t make it past two step. “How are we related”. Bear and your granny are brother and sister like Sam and you are. “Oh.”
All too soon it was time to get some touristy shots, a must with Sydney Harbour Bridge.
The six of us.
My favourite.
Lovely picture. Sadly, it was time to say farewell and watch Family Enzor go, until next year.......
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                     BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS TREAT