Villa Week 32 - Little Steps

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 31 Oct 2020 23:57

Week Thirty-Two at Sleeping Indian


Sunday the 25th of October. The week began as usual with perfect eggs, somehow I lost the picture of my delights so I only have the Bear tray to show…….The rest of the day was spent pottering.

Monday the 26th. I did housework. Bear was seen laying in front of the dishwasher, pottering around front shower and bumbling about with a screwdriver in hand.

Tuesday the 27th. We rang Sharmone but her car was poorly so off we bimbled to the hire car place. Half way there was a terrific cloudburst with raindrops an inch across – a quick duck under a villas overhang, all over in a few minutes on we went. We passed a heron, not certain if he will find fish sitting on a hedge looking across a lawn…… I got Bear to pose under super-dongles of an interesting tree. We had the same little yellow car as before and the usual round of shops followed.

Wednesday the 28th. Bear replaced the pipe under the dishwasher, pottered in the garden shower and I set about cleaning our bathroom floor with some stuff I bought yesterday. Long job but satisfying scrubbing. 


Thursday the 29th. I continued scrubbing the bathroom. Bear pottered. Funny to watch a marker buoy going for a ride. Tim and Lucy have returned to their villa next-door-but-one. Their girl has been launched – jealous, I’ll come back to you on that one but it is only four weeks until Beez Neez will join her friend. We delivered a SIM card, poking it through Jazz’s door.

Friday the 30th. Jazz came to see us for a cuppa and we bimbled back to his villa to see what was what and give a few suggestions (he too has been a victim to the naughty goings on of a certain property manager). Bear bimbled well but by bedtime his ankle was in a bad way, he thinks a ‘gout crystal’ moved.

Saturday the 31st. Sadly the pictures of my work in the bathroom don’t look very interesting. Bear finished the shower base so we can begin tiling next week. Jazz came down to join us for our regular Indian takeaway and it was fun watching and listening to him order in Punjabi. He said we had to produce a picture for his family for Halloween, challenge accepted but we had to come up with an idea in double-quick time. Not a bad effort methinks.



                     LOVELY TO WELCOME A FRIEND