Drakensberg Canopy Tour - Zip Lining

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 2 Dec 2019 23:47
Canopy Tour - Zip Lining
We set off for a new adventure, loving the scenery.
PC020246  PC020247
At ten we logged in and settled in the briefing room to read all the signs.
PC020249  PC020250  PC020251
Kimi, Trevor and Bear togged up and ready to go.
Our trail map.
Our group. We boarded a jeep and headed up the hill.
DSC07180  PC020253
At the top we posed as did Kimi and Trevor.
PC020254  PC020255
A little concerning was a grave just behind us, that of Richard Vincent Merryman Barry “who gave his life to the mountains he loved”, Monks Cowl, Jan 29th 1938, aged 22. “I will lift mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help”.
Later, I found this picture of Richard who died in a mountaineering accident.
Richard’s mountains as our backdrop, we followed our guides down a steep track.
PC020256  PC020257
On we went through the trees.
PC020258  PC020260
A chap along the way and a quote from Alice in Wonderland..........
PC020261  PC020262
Our first ‘zip’ was a diddy practice one, instructions and .......off.
DSC07276  DSC07277  DSC07278
Such a giggle. I soon got the nickname ‘Batwing’ as my trousers bottoms flapped as I went.
DSC07218  PC020279
Landing was a giggle. The next run was one of the longest.
DSC07300  DSC07308
Kimi and Trevor flying along.
I made myself as long as possible to go faster. It looks like he took it very seriously.
A group shot before the photographer went down to process our pictures and videos.
A fast run.
Sixty-five metres above the trees and riverbed this one hundred and twenty-five long run was our final run of twelve.
PC020294  PC020298
We left the view behind us to take on a steep track up.
At the top stunning scenery.
PC020301  PC020306  PC020312
The truck was a welcome sight after the climb in the heat. On our way down we saw baboons.
After taking our kit off, a snack and farewells to our fellow zip-liners we went off in search of lunch. A vineyard vehicle was big enough to let the following car go under.
The Pig and Plough was a recommendation and it looked like a really nice place.
 PC020320  PC020321
Rustic and standard water features.
 PC020324  PC020325
Kimi joyful at her chicken pie choice. Bear had beef. Spectacular pastry. Feeling full we headed off in search of Spioen Kop, a battlefield nearby with name connections to Liverpool FC and many other British football and rugby clubs.
                    FANTASTIC FUN, SUCH A BUZZ