SH Bridge Bimble

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Thu 18 Feb 2016 23:57
Sydney Harbour Bridge Bimble
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We had finished being tourists for the day when Bear asked, can we walk half way across the bridge. Half way sounded OK and how could I refuse his happy face. Silly me, when will I ever learn. We walked from The Rocks, found the stairs (by the time we had reached the memorial plaque my feet were squeaking. The plaque reads: On 28 May 2000, more than 250,000 people walked across the Sydney Harbour Bridge in support of reconcillation, in the months that followed, a million more Australians participated in similar walks throughout this nation. Mayi budjari yams. The start at half past four on a sunny but windy afternoon..........
Looking down on the cruise ship parked in Circular Quay.............
..........taking on a few supplies.
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We just love the busyness and watched the toing and froing for a while. Then walking over the most expensive hotel in Sydney, the Hiatt.
Happy boy. Nearing the first set of pylons.
Bridge walkers coming down their final arch.
The next memorial plaque.
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We watched a yacht, reliving the excitement of our first approach.
The Opera House looked lovely as always.............dwarfed by a cruise ship.
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We were at the memorial plaque at the viewing pylon, we may as well walk the rest of the way and get the bus at the other end, the bus stop is just beyond the bridge, OK why not – famous last words.
IMG_9373  IMG_9381
We enjoyed the shadow cast by the bridge on the water below.
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On we went, Bear at the half way point. I nearly threw a tourist off the only bench but managed a weak smile instead......
Time to enjoy the midway view.
Always busy, always changing.
Under the Australian flag nearing the second pylons.
What a view.
 IMG_9397  IMG_9406
Over the other side. Nearly the final look back.
A quick look at the Australian Naval ladies.
IMG_9409  IMG_9410
Lads getting very wet and the more sedate way to travel in the VIP water taxi.
IMG_9411  IMG_9423
We just had to have one more look at Circular Quay. Bear with the Opera House.
IMG_9424  IMG_9425
Maintenance is a constant.
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The thoughtfully named Church by the Bridge, down the steps at the end – I see no bus stop. Through the underpass, nope, no bus stop.
 IMG_9431  IMG_9432
Looking back at the bridge and walking past the Chinese Christian Church at Milson’s Point. I need an ice cream.
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I see a train, I like the old fashioned lamp, I like the railway bridge but mostly I enjoy the sit down outside the newsagent while I wait patiently for my Calippo, enjoying the rest so very much. A lovely young man in a perfectly clipped public boy voice told me the worst. “Oh, you’ll have to walk to the Mall at North Shore for a bus to Cammeray, about twenty minutes should do it, is there anything else I can help you with ???” How about a new set of feet because my current ones are what I was thinking, how about I wipe that chirpy enthusiasm from your good-looking face, but I managed a very polite thank you – somehow. I impart the information to the now-less-than-smiley boy. Oh. Oh dear. I’m sorry, I thought the bus stop was just at the end of the bridge. But, you did ask a non-very-well-English speaking guard who would have said yes to anything you wanted to be at the end of the bridge, even a spaceship......... Oh. I should have brought the timetable with me. Clearly. On we went. My feet ache, how about yours ??? Have you ever seen anyone in a frantic panic trying to seek a weapon with which to inflict damage. Bear has, walk on quietly Bear, quietly.
Past the posh car shop, I knew where I was now, just a fairly steep slope to do, cross the road and up the hill to the bus stop. Would you like to look through the Mall??? Do they sell new feet in there then. Grrrrr.
 IMG_9439  IMG_9443  IMG_9443 - Copy
Before we crossed the road we saw a stone with a plaque. It was nice to lean on the stone and read intently, in the shade about the first Wesleyan Methodist Church erected on the north shore stood on this site, then a small triangle of land by Lane Cove Road, Walker Street and an extension eastward of Blue Street.
James Milson, “desirous of assisting in the erection of a chapel or place of religious worship for the use of the religious society or church denominated by Wesleyan Methodists at St Leonards on the north shore of Sydney.” (Bless him, why use six words when thirty six will do) sold 22 perches of his 50 acre grant to the Methodists on the 9th of December 1863 for ten shillings of British money. There is a local legend that he not only required that a Church should be built within seven years but also that the Church bells should peal every Sunday (well of course he did).
The foundation stone of the Church was laid on the 17th of August 1864 by an American Wesleyan preacher, The Rev’d William Taylor, who was then visiting Australia. The first service was held on the 18th of May 1865. It was from this base, first in the York Street Circuit, that the cause of Methodism spread over the whole of the north shore served by ministers who needed to be as good as horse-riding as they were at preaching and teaching.
The people named Methodists continued to worship on this site for over sixty years until the land was resumed and the Church demolished by the State Government as part of the works needed to form the approaches to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The last service was held on the 28th of June 1931. The widened Lane Cove Road became the Pacific Highway. The Methodists then moved further up Walker Street, north of Mount Street, building a new Church in the front of the old Central Hall at 100 Walker Street, which was demolished in 1970. The Methodist Church was incorporated into the Uniting Church of Australia in 1977.
Reading all that gave the feet the final impetus to make it to the Mall. Let’s go in, go up on the escalator and leave by the far end doors next to the bus stop. Like your plan, sir. Only one teeny, tiny problem, no upper floor exit, so guess what, I was too weak to impale Bear and simply walked back the length of the Mall, got on the downward escalator, exited the building and walked up the steep hill to said bus stop. One word of warning here – make sure we get the bus all the way to our stop – NOT the one that stops half a mile before it....... OK. I promise. Sounds vaguely reassuring. Just the walk from our stop, the hundred and spare change steps down to the marina, down the pontoon, on to Beez and don’t disturb me until tomorrow morning. What about supper.................... Sing for it.
                     DON’T MENTION THE FEET