Staniel Wander

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Thu 7 Apr 2011 21:37
Staniel Cay Walkabout
After staring at the nurse sharks and stingrays for a while we explored the marina. Nothing fancy here, no showers, a pool the size of a big bath and no laundry. There is a pay as you go wi-fi $10 for 200mb, not much but enough to catch up with emails and blogs. The sign up page is worth slipping in here. It  made us laugh. 

This service uses a satellite uplink for all traffic. On its best day, it will seem slow compared to any land-based service. Its 22 thousand miles to the satellite, which means its 44 thousand miles before your request hits the Internet, and 44 thousand for the data to come back. No matter how you slice it, 88 thousand miles may take more than a few seconds for a response. So remember, you're in the Central Exumas with the most beautiful water and Cay's anywhere on the planet. Fast Internet is available at most office buildings and cubicles in the states. Would you really want to trade where you are for a cubicle?

The secret to happy surfing on a slow network?
1. Click on the link
2. Take a drink of your Kalik (local beer)
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 above until network appears to have blazing speed.




Down the road, beach on the right, we passed a small graveyard on the left with a clapped out tennis court behind it. Of course it warranted a comment from Bear. I told you sport was bad for you. Typical. Just typical





St Luke's Clinic and a wonderful sprawl of Berger paint colours. We were on the lookout for a pink building that was the supermarket. It was more than pink and had a wonderful lady owner. We have bought very little since leaving St Thomas but had run out of bread and milk. Four tomatoes, a pack of three cos lettuce, four bananas, six cans of diet coke, two milk, a small vinegar (who ever runs out of vinegar) and four bananas came to $46.75. Trying not to choke we beat a quiet retreat.




A happy little house with another first outside - a 'One Carefully Owned' Golf Cart.



Across the road was a gem - a ladies dream - a washing machine with wringer attachment - WOW



Back toward the marina, these chaps may have laughing gull as their name, but do they make a hideous noise






The Staniel Cay Yacht Club bar. A fun place with great chairs made out of old barrels, painted with rope edging looked really rather good. Another first was the 'One Carefully Owned' pool table that had several bits on the floor beneath. Bear waiting patiently to be served, while I sat a cogitated my shopping bill, still a marvelous mudslide hit the spot. If you want an evening meal here, you have to order by five and everyone gets served at seven thirty. Steak at $33, chicken at $28 and baby ribs also $28, lobster $42 and Rock Cornish Hen at $28, finally rack of lamb at $33. All served with Bahamian rice and peas. Prices include 15% gratuity but 5% to be added for credit card. Happily we have our mahi-mahi and on principal we will not waste him.




En route back to Beez, we stopped to take these pictures of the cottages for rent. Daily rates for the large cottage are $255. Waterfront suite $195. Waterfront one bedroom $165. A golf cart to hire for the day $65. A bike $15. Ocean kayak $35. Scuba gear $20 and the tank $20. Time to put the shopping away.