To Bora Bora

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Wed 18 Sep 2013 22:57
To Maikai Marina, Bora Bora
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Bear went for bread this morning and paid our marina fees. Nine pounds and thirty three pence per night, including the little sum for electricity. Water was free and plentiful, hence Beez got a good wash down and the cockpit was scrubbed to within an inch of its life, ditto the cushions. Ready for the off at ten for the twenty eight miles to Bora Bora, a must on each of our Bucket Lists and finally an island most people have heard of. We individually remember Judith Chalmers bimbling about in the late seventies, neither of us assumed we would ever be able to afford to visit. Well here we go, marina soon disappearing behind us. A good wind, so within ten minutes sails at the ready and engine off.
You would think that this picture was taken way out to sea, no, in the expanse of water between Tahaa and Raiatea, INSIDE the reef.
It was indeed our new friend Hawaikinui, just about to overtake and exit the pass in front of us.
Water colours to our left, we will never forget.
  DSC_7001  DSC_7011  IMG_4482
Our old friend from Papeete, Artic on our right, The end of Tahaa and a chirpy looking Big Bear.
 We turned left into the pass, we could see the surf on the reef on one side.
A real washing machine to the right.
To the other a man fishing.
We had a cracking sail and as Bora Bora came closer we could see the cloud to the left was all wrong.
This sea buoy looked as though it was in the middle of nowhere.
Doing a cracking job though.
Closer to the island we could see a fire. Oh dear.
DSC_7077  DSC_7067
We could see a helicopter collecting water as we turned right through the pass.
A shack with a view on the left..............
DSC_7052 the right too.
The entrance to lagoon, the water depth dropped, then rose again.
The Paul Gauguin was in.
On the right – the classic bungalows on stilts, but hang on a minute.........
DSC_7072 that a hole, yes. A One Careful Owner before we even get there.
Who would have thought that our first look at a holiday complex would turn out to be the deserted Bora Bora Lagoon Resort.
A chap fishing proves life goes on. As we neared Maikai Marina a dinghy came out meet us, led the way to a buoy and helped Bear tie us on. A whole week for 5000 Polynesian Francs or thirty five pounds and twenty nine pence – not bad for paradise - and we can use the pool. 
Beez in Bora (2)
Here we are settled by three, (we did go around, not straight across). Miles this year 6198.65, left to do 2925 – give or take.
Paul left at dusk.
We went to sleep with the hill burning behind us, sadly.
                     WHAT AN INCREDIBLE START