To Basseterre

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Tue 22 Feb 2011 23:33
En Route to Basseterre and a Little Explore
A picture we took yesterday after we had spuddled round Cockleshell Bay next door - shows what on our own really means - only company a sand barge wreck
This morning Wind Guru prediced thirteen foot swell in high winds, so for safety sake we are off to shelter in the marina in Basseterre. Ten o'clock we were ready to go just around the corner, about six miles.  If there is no room to dock, we have a back up plan to go into Frigate Bay about half way, to find a sheltered anchorage if it is too rolly outside the marina or it's too deep.
Evidence of a girl who didn't get it right, a reminder that the sea can be 'unfriendly at times'
Looking back at Nevis shows a squall behind us
Glad to see we are not the only 'mad kids' out here in gusts of thirty knots plus. A heavily reefed yacht and a couple of hardy fishermen - in oilies - in the Caribbean ???
A elderly chum at anchor called 'Smarty' from Monrovia, West Africa -  showing an odd angle unlaiden. A ferry chugged past
Basseterre, we can see is the land of the cruise ship
One of the 'booze cruisers' (take you out, get you drunk and sunburned - well not today) - looking particularly fed up. A  little chap passed us by, a rarity to see out at sea
Closer in we find another cruise ship dwarfed by the first  
No room at the inn, we had just anchored when the harbourmaster came to fetch us "I find de place for you Mon", Great off we followed, slip right next to Golden Fleece, Shian opposite
Ashore in Port Zante, same old same old duty free, but small compared to St Thomas or Saint Martin. Pelican Mall looked different and very quaint.
Off to find a supermarket, we saw some beautiful buildings around Independence Square
The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
In the vestibule we found the history of Catholicism on the island
and a lovely 'in memory'
We investigated the nearest supermarket, found a very cheap alcohol shop that actually sold Teacher's (Bear's preferred tipple when mixed with ginger ale) and wandered back toward the girl late in the afternoon. We had to walk past Shian, Paul saw us and we stopped for a chat, Roger and Margaret wandered back from town and the six of us were standing on the quayside when 'PLOP' and a word that sounded like "DUCK" uttered loudly, fell from Bear's lips. His glasses  - his varifocals had slipped off his sweaty beak, bounced twice on the quay and plopped into twelve feet of water. Well we all stared into the gloomy depths, a few minute silence. I felt it was time for a stiff drink and ambled toward Beez. Roger on the other hand smartly went to Golden Fleece, zipped back with his crab line and set to work. Bear shuffled after me saying "a local has offered to dive in for US $100" but I have to lend him my 'face glass', off he went with his snorkel, I poured a stiff one - then doubled it. Bear came rushing back to report that Roger had 'caught' his glasses. Bear went trotting back - at his fasted trot (Bear rarely ever breaks into a canter) landing net in hand in some sort of support role. I sat quietly with my double sized stiff one as to return to the action camera in hand may have put the bockers on the rescue, so I sat tight. Bear returned with a filthy face (don’t ask - I didn't) a cheesy grin and a wet pair of spectacles. Bearhug (rum infusion with mixed berries) was handed over as 'thanks' and we all went out to celebrate at the local Indian restaurant. It has to be said it was the hottest tandoori chicken I have ever eaten in my life but the smiles were all genuine when it came to Roger - The Hero.
                     I DIDN'T MEAN IT, IT WAS AN ACCIDENT
Paint Pepe's face a deep shade of red
Have you ever seen an empty Vodka bottle hurled accurately at the speed of light
Bear has
Duck Bear Duck