Zipline Ride

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 20 Aug 2014 22:57
Our Zipline Fun Ride
  Ziptrek Ecotours Girl Upside Down on Line 4 QT Views  Ziptrek Ecotours Triangle Tree Fisheye  Ziptrek Ecotours Upside down
Queenstown is all about fun, we saw the adverts for Ziptrek and went to book.
IMG_6702  IMG_6704
All we had to do was choose between the Moa and the Kea – Kea it is then.
We met our group, our guides Jags on the left and Jess on the right, both in orange helmets. The rest of our group were a smashing set of youngsters from Australia all on a skiing holiday. One of the chaps was actually afraid of heights, how amazing that he would put himself through such a challenge.
IMG_3850  IMG_3851  IMG_3853
Off to our first zip. Jess went to the other end to see us in. Jags clipped me on, checked my harness, told me to walk down as many steps as possible, sit into it and Whoosh.
IMG_3869  IMG_3870
Jags went off first on our next zip. Before he went he showed us how to flip upside-down.
IMG_3875  IMG_3876  IMG_3877
Way to go Big Bear.
The views were extraordinary.
ztq140820_3ha_26907  ztq140820_3ha_92605
One zip we had to do something, Bear chose a Hakka with Jags in support, I did a heart for our grandbabies.
Bear thoroughly enjoying himself.
ztq140820_6la_13413  ztq140820_6la_61314
Such fun.
ztq140820_6la_16415  ztq140820_6la_64316
Flying Bear.
IMG_3906  IMG_3905  IMG_3918
In between zips, we learned about, an incredible service helping the needy that want to get on. Say we leant a hundred dollars to Kiva, they would in turn lend it to someone who, for example, wanted to set up a shop on one of the islands in the Pacific who otherwise would have no chance of borrowing. That person would pay the money back in time, that done the money comes back to us. Something we will have to look into. We also learned a bit about the flora and fauna of the area. This chap is the famous tuatara.
IMG_3942  IMG_3945  IMG_3946
The last zip, the longest and fastest had the most security.
IMG_3893  IMG_3944
We had an extra clip and a safety net if we Jags missed our first break. The the net was lowered and on we went.
IMG_3928  IMG_3930  IMG_3934
The worst bit was waiting for my turn, walking down the slightly wobbly stairs and sitting into it.
Once away it was brilliant and over all too soon.
IMG_3911  IMG_3912
All safe and what a laugh.
IMG_3954  IMG_3955
At the end of our trip there was a freshly carved high chair, don’t ask, we didn’t, but Bear tried it out.
Cannot thank Jess and Jags enough for giving us such a brilliant afternoon.
                     FABULOUS, SPEEDY THRILLS