Banda Ashore

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Wed 27 Jul 2016 22:47
Banda Ashore
Time to explore the town.
Neighbour to our left.
Neighbours to our right – Bruce and Deb (Matilda) heading in to shore. The black beach and the local ferry dock behind them. The children love to wave from the shore and when they are out and about in their little canoes that seem to require constant bailing.
IMG_0859  IMG_0861
Stepping ashore behind the rally boats at the wharf Bear was thrilled to present his trigger finger. Next stop the well organised Tourist Office, set up under the gazebo long the way. We booked a snorkel trip for tomorrow and the spice tour in a couple of days time.
Gunung Api Island (or Fire Mountain), we are anchored to the right.
IMG_0866  IMG_0868  IMG_0867
We found ourselves at the back of a hotel, now being used as our base for the time the rally is here. Colonial splendour, ladies toilet complete with bailer and the hotel rooms beyond.
IMG_0864  IMG_0865  IMG_0872
Walking through the bar admiring the local art, it was quite a surprise to see To Des All the Best Diana 2/6.94
IMG_0871  IMG_0869
The view from the bar. The ‘big girl’ wharf to the left.
IMG_0873  IMG_0874
The trigger finger was out once again.
IMG_0876  IMG_0877
Out in the high street we found quaint houses.
The only mosque in the area makes for a lovely sound as it doesn’t compete with any others. We thoroughly enjoy all the calls to prayer.
IMG_0880  IMG_0881  IMG_0882
We got no further than the ‘rally fleet favourite eatery’, served by an American who is engaged to a local. My new hat was test driven by Deb and backed up by Anne. Bear’s food arrived and everyone tucked in. My chicken and chips were clearly being sourced from another island...... I had asked for plain chicken and when it did finally arrive it was still coated with garlic and spice. Handed on to Bear who enjoyed the extra, it was time to really explore.
IMG_0927  IMG_0926
After our bimble we settled at five o’clock on the hotel porch. Simon (Nicha) thanked the assembled children and handed over some gifts. Each student stepped forward and told us their name, nickname, family name and welcomed us, all in English.
They danced and sang, we cheered and then they all came to shake our hands.
IMG_0931  IMG_0934
Later in the bar Bear and Karen (Soul) deep in conversation. Deb and Bruce pose, my hat once more involved.
The five pound a head buffet dinner went down well with everyone enjoying soup, mains and a fresh orange.
Bear tucking in to his soup. After our meal the Spice Islands video was shown. Introduced by Kate Humble it took us through the nutmeg story, the massacre of the elders and how each family now owns anything from fifty to two hundred nutmeg trees. The labour intensive collection, drying and separating, sadly Europe buys from Grenada as the Indonesian crop fails safety levels of aflatoxin. The Jakarta Globe reported in 2015: The European Union has banned imports of nutmeg from Indonesia after it was discovered the spice exceeded the safety limits for aflatoxin, a natural toxin produced by certain species of fungi which can cause liver failure. Indonesia’s nutmeg contains 200 part per billion aflatoxin, far exceeding EU’s required limit of 15 ppb. What a shame.
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