Banda Clownfish

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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 29 Jul 2016 22:57
Banda Clownfish
In the middle of our first snorkel of the day by the lava field off Gunung Api we were exploring some very dull, dead-looking coral and there was the most virulent pink anemone we have ever seen. A fish bonanza was treat enough but this took the prize. The clownfish though had company, a bigger black chap kept photo-bombing..........
IMG_2327  IMG_2328  IMG_2338 
IMG_2334  IMG_2333
The black chap insisted on staying.......
  IMG_2335  IMG_2336
Finally, he moved out of the way as the little clownfish adopted the correct pose.
Alone at last. These joyful fish often move no more than an inch or two from there ‘home’ for their entire life, defending the anemone to the death. Do they need each other – no, the fish can free swim just like any other and can feed out in the open, they just choose to live within the fronds of their host. Over time they adapted a ‘jacket’ that made them immune to the stinging ability of the anemone. Clownfish make up a huge percentage of all marine tank sales worldwide.
During our third and last snorkel out by the green marker we passed on our way in to Banda we saw the same coloured anemone - white with purple tips we had in our marine tank. Mmm, any residents.........fingers crossed.
IMG_2482  IMG_2483
First one, then two.
The second one was terribly shy.
Eventually they both posed.
Living in a current that was a challenge to take pictures yet another chap.
IMG_2504  IMG_2506  IMG_2507
This chap was not one teeny bit camera-shy.
IMG_2508  IMG_2510
Perfectly happy to go to his two inch boundary. Then an itsy-bitsy black and white chap appeared.
Is he really smiling ????
IMG_2512  IMG_2511  IMG_2513
Cute or simply mega-cute.......
We could have stayed for so much longer but more to see sadly, we left this wonderful sight.
                     STUNNING, HAPPY LITTLE CHAPS