Rice Noodles

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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Thu 28 Dec 2017 23:57
Rice Noodle Making and Other Stuff
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We left our tour boat at the next stop and trotted in to a rice noodle factory, a tiny affair as it happens. The word factory was an over-statement as it was just an elderly gentleman who was at the making end of things. Rice flour and water are mixed, sometimes tapioca or corn starch are added to improve colour and transparency, also increasing the chewiness. This was a batch of just the rice flour and water. A piece of kit that looked like a drum was heated and our chef slowly added a scoop full of mixture.




The mixture was flattened and spread.
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After half a minute the ‘pancake’ was rolled on to a basket tube and laid on a rack to dry.
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Our chef added more old rice husk to the fire. The ash will go to making compost and head back to the paddy fields.
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The dry rice pancake is then put through a cutter which makes the noodles.
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Cooked with spices added. This ‘factory’ is known for a meal that looks rather like a pizza.
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Different flavours of noodles are available, shrimp and spinach.
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In the shop out the back, we were offered dried frogs legs, wonderfully titled ladies long legs. Crispy and tastes like chicken until you add their danger sauce and sold in bags by the dozen. See Pepe shudder.
Odd looking bags that could be used as a Frisbee called sticky rice.......
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Rice cakes and young, green rice cakes. Had to try those. Nice to begin with but an awful after taste, perhaps not on Beez menu then.
The machine in the corner shows they also make coconut sweets here. Bear tried to be good and whilst he managed to resist anything sweet, he couldn’t help getting a bottle of coconut hooch for New Year’s Eve.
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