Birthday Snorkel

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 28 Jun 2013 22:57
In the Water for a Birthday Snorkel.
BB My B-day 080
I don’t remember ever saying out loud that I would like to snorkel on my birthday. True, I never have before. After our late lunch I thought we would settle to playing games, no, at four o’clock my wetsuit was thrust at me and that was that - within minutes I was in and within seconds we were exploring several large reefs. The sun was bright and lit the yellows and oranges. Amazing that these hard corals are communities of animals, best seen at night when all the ‘hairy’ looking bits stick out when they feed. Neither of us fancy going in in the dark, so we have to be content with what we see now.
BB My B-day 102
One or two fish.
BB My B-day 129  BB My B-day 090  BB My B-day 131
Sea cucumbers were everywhere in ones, groups and full regional meetings. 
BB My B-day 086  BB My B-day 105
BB My B-day 104
BB My B-day 116
BB My B-day 124
We saw lots in purple tones and some weird shapes.
BB My B-day 122
This chap was happy to pose.
BB My B-day 096  BB My B-day 097  BB My B-day 101
A new chap on us was the convict surgeon, I would prefer to call him the Stripy Mr. Fish – proper or Latin name - Acanthurus triostegus. They can be seen alone, in twos, threes, hundreds or even thousands - that would be quite a sight - we just saw them in small numbers.
BB My B-day 088  BB My B-day 137  BB My B-day 128
BB My B-day 091
BB My B-day 134  BB My B-day 093  BB My B-day 111
BB My B-day 121
BB My B-day 107  BB My B-day 079
Lots to see.
BB My B-day 130
One second we could see hundreds of tiny bluey-green fish, they saw us and disappeared completely into the depths of this massive coral.
BB My B-day 114  BB My B-day 113  BB My B-day 140
The oddest thing was to see Beez to my left and you-know-who to my right. En route back we went to look at the anchor, home to shower, games and a small libation before a nice sunset and a couple of good films – a great day.
BB My B-day 142
                     VERY SUNNY DIP