The Indians

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 4 Jan 2010 21:16
The Indians
Beds holding Bernie tightly as he holds said horror. Jump wrestling with flippers.
We had promised Bernie that the disposal of his neck, bell, collar thingy would be somewhere special. He has waited patiently since August and this was the day. I got in first as I knew it would feel cold, once in though and soon as you concentrate on the sights, cold soon forgotten. The Indians are volcanic rocks that stick up out of twenty five metres of water just north of Norman Island. They are without doubt worth waiting for a visiting buoy to become free (no anchoring - National Park). We could have come here early the next morning but as we were passing we saw a yacht just about to leave a buoy.
First thing I did was to let the bell collar go, the swell took it so I placed it in a groove on a yellow coral, bad move it bit the ends of my fingers like many red ant bites. Suffering once again for art.
Undeterred off to explore. These may not look too impressive but that is the sea bed all those feet down in this cristal clear water.
The Lesser Striped Wrasse and ready to climb out about twenty feet from me. Just as Bear had swum to the dive buoys for a breather a man approached him to ask if he was "from Sutton Harbour in Plymouth". The man owns Elmo and recognised Beez Neez. He was on a charter boat for some winter sun and wished Bear well. Is it a small world or what ???
I returned to the scene and found the collar had a final resting place with an onlooker. Sadly as I turned to leave I caught my rear end on the said yellow plume of coral and it gave me the equivalent of a hundred ant stings. Still suffering for my art, but at least it makes a real story for Bernie and the ever faithful Beds.
This brain coral is about the size of a huge balloon, down in about thirty feet of water. In the Marine Pet Shops in the UK a piece the size of a tangerine is about £80. Here it is fully protected - no cyanide spray carrying reef thieves in sight. My welts later proved more than exquisitely painful, hydrocortisone cream helped a bit but a few Painkillers worked very well. After the swelling went down I am left with what looks like an old bruise. 
                     A STUNNING EXPERIENCE