Del Monte Fun

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 13 Nov 2017 23:57
Del Monte Fun at the Tokyo Skytree Tower
Bimbling around the mall below the Tokyo Skytree Tower, we came upon a Del Monte display. On the wall/floor was a frieze to have a laugh with. I know, let’s get Bear to pretend to pick up a tomato, I got ready on the thoughtfully placed photographers footprints. Oh no, this is going to have to get so much better, his feet are all wrong as is his right hand.
IMG_2038  IMG_2039  IMG_2040
On the wall was the history of Del Monte as a brand.
IMG_2056  1,000 YEN  IMG_2045
Suddenly it twigged, we had seen adverts in the souvenir shops for Inca Red (Del Monte tomato juice) which at the time seemed a really odd thing to sell in a gift shop. The actual bottles were 1,000 Yen (about six pounds fifty two). So, here we are, in a quiet corner of a huge mall below the tallest tower in the world, in a Del Monte Tomato Juice says so on the free-standing board.............
IMG_2052  IMG_2050  IMG_2051 
Back to the posing bit, rethink the outcome, let’s go for the foot on the tomato look. OK, I’ll try. No, no, no, your right foot has to be six inches forward and your left leg has to go higher. It won’t go any higher. What do you mean, it won’t go any higher, try. No, it really won’t, I’m at my physical limit. Heck are you, change legs then. Left foot OK, but right foot has to go six inches higher. Same problem, it won’t go any higher. If anyone had come by at this point and listened to the left a bit, higher, right a bit........ We were now in fits and decided to carry on with the ‘learning bit’.
0  1
2  3
4  5
6  7
8  9
From vine to shops, a happy story, now back to the posing........
The hands are good, you’ll have to step forward a bit and when you have, look at the camera. I’ll break my neck and all the blood is rushing to my head. Oh suffer for your art. That will be your art then. Desist speaking.
IMG_2041  IMG_2049  IMG_2042
IMG_2044  IMG_2043  IMG_2047
We take in all the advertisements in the display. One final go at the posing.
Perfect hands. That’s it. I need a beer. But what about your feet, you’re still treading on the tomato behind you...... I’ll not type the next words that came out of my beautiful assistants mouth, but the gist of it was, NO.
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