Second Taveuni

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Tue 7 Jul 2015 22:57
Our Second Trip Ashore
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After being chilly and very wet yesterday, we awoke to clear blue skies and the sun had his hat on. Typical. Time for boiled eggs then. I loved this egg event and then Bear showed me the saucepan, oh dear, I guessed what was going to happen next – as the detritus was settled on his piece of bread, I forced my eyes back on the original event and kept them there until the coast was clear. 
The radio chirped near lunchtime and a few minutes later Scott-Free picked us up and we headed ashore and found our way to yesterdays venue. The same lady served us with the same attitude. The boys ordered soup but only Bears arrived. Steve had to go in search of his. It came with no bread. Then his mains came and the lady tapped her feet waiting for him to rush his last spoonful, as he pushed his dish forward in swooped the plate, but the soup dish stayed where it had been parked. Mmmm. This restaurant is pegged as the best on the island, maybe because it’s the only one outside resort complexes....... The view is lovely, it is a treat to sit and watch the girls bib bobbing.
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Other than cheese and tomato toasties everything else on the menu contained garlic, silly girls us, we forgot that fact as our burgers arrived. Had garlic got legs our plate would have empty and our food would have been trotting down toward the beach. We needed afters to mask things. Thankfully we chose delicious sponge cake and ice cream. The boys had cookies and ice cream that contained lashings of cinnamon – ooo shudder.
Bear got down on one knee and got this artistic shot of the girls. 
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Next stop was the supermarket and then we headed down the main road to find a fruit and veg lady.
By the time we got to the trusty steed, he was quite some way from the wet stuff.
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Quick thinking by Steve as he gathered a group of fisherman who were happy to help.
Many hands made light work as Maj and I paddled out behind.
We got left behind.
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I watched a sea snake skitter away from me as I sunk down to nearly knee-deep. Maj was rescued by her knight in shining armour as Bear held on to the trusty steed. He promised to come and help me as soon as the other two got to the dinghy. Of course I fell forward and as I leaned back I fell onto my bottom. It felt like being on so many school outings. I heard the helpful fishermen roaring behind me, some way back on the shore. They had settled on the edge of their boat to watch the comedy. I had to keep my feet still as I was wearing Bears Crocs. He did come to my aid, as I lifted first one foot and then the other, he plunged to drag his footwear out of the sludge. Call this my worst nightmare. My kneecaps felt itchy on the inside and my teeth were doing lengths up and down my mouth. I was never so happy to slide into the safety of the dinghy.
After what seemed an age of wiggling left and right we eventually found deep enough water for Steve to lower the outboard and slowly spuddle between the coral heads. I was never so pleased to be standing on the back of Beez. One land trip I need not repeat and can refrain from becoming a habit. Thank you to Steve and Chris for such a unique invitation/experience but please may we try something different next time.
Night, night Scott-Free.
                     NOT FOR EVERYONE