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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 10 Dec 2012 23:09
Time to go back to Beez Neez
BB Last Belize 012
We said our farewells to the MOTHS at nine, packed and off in the van to the airport with Reuben. Bear had told us we were flying at 11:35, no need for me to doubt my captain – is there ???. Our bags were on the plane, one Passport requested, no boarding pass and wheels up three minutes later. Landing on time from our 11:10 flight.............
BB Last Belize 014
BB Last Belize 016  BB Last Belize 024
We were the only passengers and our pilot found the whole thing very amusing, I was ummmmmm
BB Last Belize 023  BB Last Belize 019  BB Last Belize 030
In the air our pilot handed over to a learner who looked about nine, shows we are aging. We flew over what we now know is Monkey River. Did the skipper look contrite ?? That’ll be a no then.....
BB Last Belize 032  BB Last Belize 033
Our learner landed us beautifully
BB Last Belize 035
Our taxi driver – Sam - dropped us back to Gloria’s for lunch, the fan was still holding by it’s one screw and wobbling well. We thoroughly enjoyed our feast.
BB Thanksgiving 086
I had a quick shop in Lydia’s for some extra smellies to last us until New Zealand. This beauty was there in all her glory
BB Last Belize 036
Sam came back and dropped us at the ferry where our Keff Richards lookalike smiled happily in welcome. We put our luggage on Lusila
BB Last Belize 037  BB Last Belize 038
Not before we were treated to a crisp moving show
Our ferry ride back was ‘lively’ but I was well ‘ard enough to read and the lady behind us continued on her mobile until her battery went flat. Saul was waiting with his posh taxi and was all smiles. We got the marina launcha home and fell in to Beez at half past five. Moths still in the air.
BB Last Belize 040
There are some wonderful benefits to visiting an English speaking country. Salad Cream
We got back to Beez tired and emotional and promised ourselves a full day in bed vegging over episodes of Law and Order. Marvelous.