Beez to 06/01/19

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 6 Jan 2019 23:57
Beez to 6th of January 2019
Thursday 3rd. The very nice reception man at Tune felt sorry for our three am check-in “would you like late check out ???” Ooo lovely. Our room was ours until twelve, we had a late breakfast, showered and bimbled over to the airport. I reckon this is the last Christmas picture I will take of Bear until we reach South Africa in December. Wow, now there’s a thought. For now, we do the security stuff and settle at our gate.
A bit late we take our seats for the flight to Langkawi. A pretty girl beside us gets backed out.
Leaving Kuala Lumpur for the very last time, ever.
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Very misty as we fly over the islands of Langkawi. Landing an hour later than expected but quickly through formalities and in the taxi to the ferry dock. That bit was a giggle, we always pay five pounds for the fifteen minute journey, so many cabbies hustled us as we headed through the mêlée. “Taxi ???” How much. “Twenty five pounds” don’t be silly we’re locals, until we met a nice one who without negotiating asked for the fiver (well twenty-four Wingnuts (Ringgits) to be precise). He didn’t spare the horses and we made the three forty-five ferry. By the time we set foot on Beez at gone four o’clock, Mr Sun was tired and in hiding, oh fine rain so no going to the pool then. We had a cup of tea, unpacked, pottered about, had a game of backgammon, settled to a couple of episodes of NCIS New Orleans after we rustled some supper together.
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Friday the 4th. The morning seemed to fly by, catching up with admin, tidying several piles of stuff from Hong Kong and putting things in order on Beez. After lunch of the cheese rolls we brought back with us we went to the pool. No sun but lovely and warm.
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Saturday the 5th. We took the nine-thirty ferry over and found Mr Din, who as always handed over the keys to one of his dodgy cars. Amongst the busy list of shops, I nipped into a printers and ordered headed shopping list pads for Sleeping Indian, ready in two weeks, the lady couldn’t recommend where to get pens personalised so research to be done on that one. Next we went to a huge shop that had a huge display of crockery and pans, same as the shop opposite, all Duty-Free, Yippee. It’s going to be such fun collecting bits and bobs for our Caribbean home in the sun.
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The major reason for coming shopping today was to pick up a huge box containing the new autopilot (the shop was closed yesterday). Three feet of box, three crates of shopping, so pleased we actually brought the trolley with us. I needed a little filling in a front tooth and no sooner than I walked in to Mrs Chew than I came out with an appointment on the morrow at noon.
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Quite the beast once unwrapped, such a surprise to see the unit carefully bolted to plywood for safe delivery.
Sunday the 6th. A lazy morning, in and out of Mrs Chew in a flash with a filling and after handing over thirteen pounds we went to buy salad bits. Back in time for a quick dip.  
                     GREAT TO BE BACK HOME