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Bear Gets a Snore Ring – Meant to Be ???
The ring
Now for quite a tale. Back in June, we were sitting in the marina bar in Savusavu enjoying sundowners, Marcus, Michaela and their friend came over for a chat. Somehow the conversation turned to snoring. Michaela said her life had been revolutionised after Marcus started wearing a snore ring and she had a spare that she would sell to me. Off she went there and then and produced a little blue bag. I was obviously sceptical but hey, I’m all for an inexpensive experiment and the opportunity to do some very different research and of course write a blog.
Snore ring diagram  Snore ring 2
Time to do some research as to how it works.
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Well, a bear asleep on the moon, they couldn’t have picked a better advertisement for us. 
Stop Snoring with the Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring
The most amazing safe, easy to use, non-invasive, elegant cure for snoring
Uses ancient tried and tested acupressure technology to stop snoring
No drugs or side effects - simply wear on little finger at night
Available in 3 sizes, fully adjustable for a snore free night's sleep
Not for sale to persons under the age of 18
This item must be used responsibly and appropriately
 Product features 
 How it works
The ancient practice of acupressure from Chinese medicine, works largely on sensitive awareness of the laws of nature. It balances body and health in a more natural way, maintaining ones health by balancing the force of Chi. If this is unbalanced or unstable and cannot flow freely through the body, ones health may be affected.
There are 12 meridians located throughout the body. The snore ring applies pressure on the small intestine and heart meridians, which are paired organs and act in conjunction with each other. With this understanding, by applying pressure to the meridian point on the small intestine on the left hand it clears the flow of energy by applying pressure to the small intestine and heart meridian channels helping in the prevention of snoring, as well as giving a calming effect on the heart.
Chinese medical theory teaches that the two branches of the body's nervous system, the sympathetic branch is the part of the nervous system that mobilizes our bodies to respond to stress. It initiates the fight-or-flight response, a more yang part of the cycle. The parasympathetic branch replenishes and supports the body during rest, the yin part of the cycle. These two branches oppose and balance each other to create stability and health. When the yin and yang are balanced within the body, all the body's functions are healthy. Illness is caused by an imbalance between yin and yang.
Conventional Western medicine typically pinpoints and directly treats on the affected part of the body. Chinese medical philosophy encompasses the entire universe. Everything that affects the patient is considered, including emotion, environment, and diet. Chinese philosophy proposes a way of life based on living in accordance with the laws of nature.
Based on these principles the snore ring may relieve snoring, as it clears the meridian, which in turn allows energy to flow freely through the body, in essence, this process will assist to maintain the balance of Chi within the body and assist in returning to body to its normal state.
Daily Mail piece
A piece featured in the Daily Mail.
Jim  Pugh
Jim said it works and Pugh drew a cartoon.
Well, here we are five months later. The first few nights it was if someone had turned the volume down. Instead of the guttural heaves I now listened to a sweet, light, but loud breath. The next few nights – spookily – silence. The deafening silence kept me awake in fact. The first time a curry and a bottle of red challenge occurred, well, truth be told it was quite a manageable level of noise. Never, since all this began have I had to gouge Bear in the ribs. Religiously he puts it on every night. A couple of times he has forgotten and within minutes of the light going out, it is very apparent, I feel for his left hand and suggest in firm terms that the little blue bag should be reached for – forthwith.
The only time now I get the ‘attempted sucking of tarmac off a motorway’ noise is when Bear sleeps in the cockpit on journeys. The ‘giant clam slam’ noise now wakes him up very promptly.
So what can I say. Simply, I cannot thank Michaela enough. That little piece of silver metal has made a wholesome change in our routine. Mind you, most nights I would write blogs between three and five in the morning until exhaustion threw me into an anaesthetised-like slumber. So my only side effect is getting behind on typing blogs. Bear’s only side effect is waking some mornings with a tender little pinky – better that than waking to find a cocktail stick poking out of his eye or worse.........
Now we sleep from about half past ten solidly through until five or half five. Bear doesn’t wake up with a scaffolders woolly jumper in his mouth and there is a serenity about Beez Neez that remains – only disturbed if I lose at backgammon.
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I am happy to agree. Even Beds and the boys have a good night........
                     AMAZING, I’M TOLD IT WORKS........