Inle Weavers

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Tue 5 Dec 2017 22:47
Weavers We Met on Lake Inle
Udin, our driver dropped us at a long, stilted house in the village of In Paw Khone where we were met by a lady who welcomed us.
IMG_0198  IMG_0199  IMG_0200
We were bade sit and watch a lady cutting a little nick across three stems of lotus plants, snapping, separating and twisting the juice that appeared.
I wondered how much sap I could pull when I had a go with just one stem. I handed the result to Bear just as the breeze picked it up.
IMG_0204  IMG_0207
The lady makes an average of fifty metres of yarn a day and once made into scarves retails for five times that of silk. We left this lady to her day-long task.
IMG_0206  IMG_0208
The rest of the room was taken up with looms, we saw our first lotus thread scarf in progress.
Fancy having to set this little lot up, so complex.
IMG_0218  IMG_0220
The next loom was making a lovely piece of silk.
A huge loom at the end of the room.
Upstairs some wonderful rustic ‘machinery’.
IMG_0240  IMG_0245
Another happy worker and a stand with thread drying.
Looking out of the window we saw a ready supply of lotus plants.
IMG_0231  IMG_0233
This lady was producing a piece of silk and we loved her stabiliser.
Upstairs, this young lady was incredible, working the pedals with her feet, pulling the overhead cord that worked the shuttle, her left hand was pulling the beater and chatting. I tried to mimic her actions and failed miserably but gave the ladies a laugh in the process.
IMG_0253  IMG_0254
We thought the shop was way too busy to do justice to the beautiful garments and scarves.
IMG_0252  IMG_0256
Smashing to see these old beauties.
Udin was finishing a game of table top snooker (looked like shove halfpenny).
We went to look at the orchid collection.
IMG_0259  IMG_0260  IMG_0264
IMG_0263  IMG_0262  IMG_0258
The plants were a lovely surprise.
IMG_0265  IMG_0270
Time to join the traffic once more. One final look back at this interesting building.
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