Day 6 to Fiji

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Mon 1 Jun 2015 12:00
The Sea Turns a Magical Blue
IMG_2845  IMG_2847
After doing our noon updates, Bear went on the SSB to have a chat with Scott-Free and Sheer Tenacity – boys chat, then the turn for the girls to have a natter, really nice to listen to Chris and Mary. Next, time to post the blog from Bears little laptop down the Sat phone connector, expected to take no more than ten minutes from start to finish. Said little chap decided to have a hissy fit. An hour an a half later and Bear thought he was on a starvation diet. Prawn and avocado salad, seafood dressing and a dollop of mash........ yes dear.
I won the first rubber at backgammon in a fast and easy fashion, then promptly lost the next five. Cross as a wasp, not only did I lose it cost me twelve dollars..... Knitting continued until we both enjoyed the sunset, the sky went from hard lines to soft pinks over about an hour. Bear settled to sleep and I carried on motor-sailing and knitting by the light of the chart plotter.
Very light overnight. My two till six skies were really lit up by a bright, half moon. Stars so low on the horizon I had to do a double take to check they were not nav lights on chums. I haven’t seen a single thing since we lost sight of Grace on day two, Bear watched one cruiser en route to Suva pass by the other night. The winds have been a bit fickle but together with the engine Beez is trotting along happily at five and a half knots. I went to bed at six after we both enjoyed a fairly scrappy sunrise. Bear did some sums whilst I slept and greeted me at ten with the news – if we can average five and a half knots from now on we will be in on Thursday. Marvelous news. Time for a proper cockpit shower. Sounds so simple but takes best part of an hour.
Noon summary:   I better win today. Huh. Don’t you huh me. Huh. Steady.......    
Noon position:     23:22.31 South and 177:38.77 East
Noon to Noon:     130 nautical miles
Miles Covered:     770 nautical miles
Miles to Go:        406 nautical miles
We left Opua on a sea of dark charcoal, during our journey has gone through a fading to pale grey, then through navy blue to the magnificent colour of just now.