To Stacia

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 25 Feb 2011 22:18
En Route to Stacia
We left Basseterre (marina, right of centre) on a beautiful sunny morning at eleven o'clock. Rather like deciding to come in to shelter, you have to decide whether to leave and risk a bit of a bumpy ride (knowing you can probably turn back), stay for ages and ruin the time schedule you have planned or move into a house for good. We knew we could be in for a brisk ride but you can never gauge just how much swell there will be as conditions change. We checked with Wind Guru, expected winds of around twenty six knots with waves around four to six feet, nothing we haven't encountered inside Plymouth Breakwater, so off we went.
It was lovely sailing down the coast of St Kitts seeing the places we had seen whilst out and about with Everton
Brimstone Fort off in the distance
The ruins of sugar production
A small boat yard
Brimstone Fort
No sooner than we had passed the fort into open sea when things got 'lively'. Couldn't hold the camera still but we shook hands at our first Force Nine, boat speed averaged around 8.1 but once or twice at 8.8
This is a white-knuckle on the Rita scale - top number - fifteen out of ten. Nothing the girl couldn't take in her stride. Me -  perhaps a small nip or two.
Half way, so pleased this is a day sail and no more (don't worry the depth gauge shuts off over 115 metres so we are not really in 2.3)
St Eustice or Statia, I had to straighten this picture, it looked silly at the angle at which I had to take it
Close in to shore we had double waves hitting the side of the girl, we got a little moist
The friendly sea may have been heavy duty but the colour was stunning. Would NOT have liked to have been in savage or even unfriendly seas.
Right up to anchoring the wind was still thirty eight knots and stayed around twenty five all night. We anchored close to a buoy to use as a guide marker.
Settled in Stacia
                          OUR WINDIEST JOURNEY IN KIND SEAS