To Indian Key

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 5 May 2012 22:52
To Indian Key, Florida
BB To Indian and Boot Key 002
The sun just peeping through the clouds as we set off
BB To Indian and Boot Key 005  BB To Indian and Boot Key 007  BB To Indian and Boot Key 009
We were off at 07:15 for todays short hop. The sails were up fifteen minutes later and once again we relished the silence until the phone chirped. A call from Joe, what a lovely surprise. He is well, has lost a stone (no need to have given it to me) and is back to the UK for R+R in thirty days, not that we are counting. The water has taken on lovely shades of blue. One of the many bridges connecting the Keys.
BB To Indian and Boot Key 009 
Sixteen and a bit miles was just right and at ten to twelve we were all settled in the vast shallow area tucked behind Indian Key. The local State Park maintains three mooring balls (although we only found two) on a first come first served basis. Boats are allowed to stay for free for up to a week. With just short of a metre below us, in crystal clear water it was only right I took my first swim since we got to the USA. I still had to wriggle in – slowly – whining about it being cold as I went, but once in I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of bobbing around Beez Neez with the captain. Smashing. Bear got the sponge and wiped, cleaned and gently scrubbed (the antifouling has to last several more months) and finally the brown “ICW beard” – the six inch scummy brown stain above the water line was gone.
BB To Indian and Boot Key 010
Our next door neighbour for the night