To Kentar Island

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Tue 25 Oct 2016 22:57
To Kentar Island
At twenty past five we left Ketawai at first light for the 180 mile journey to the anchorage off Kentar Island, tomorrow afternoon we will cross the equator and celebrate in the evening aboard Serica. No sooner had we got going than Robbie and Putra had nipped over to Restless M to wish us all (individually) a safe journey. Some places are harder to leave than others, this was one of them. Soon the remaining team who looked after us so very well will leave to go ‘back to their day jobs’ and Ketawai Island will rest until the weekend when once more the partying can begin.
IMG_7463  IMG_7465
The sun struggles this morning.
IMG_7467  IMG_7471
We pass our first fishing platform as Casimu gets ready to overtake.
IMG_7479  IMG_7484
Relishing sailing (well motoring) in company for a change as Grasshopper passes to our right.
Tehani-Li with Restless M spuddling along at 9.5 knots..........
IMG_7492  IMG_7497
Errol told us last night that Restless M can go around the world on three visits to a fuel jetty (three tanks on board hold just 31,000 litres....... combined weight of water, petrol and diesel - a tiny fifty tons......). We watch in awe and then Jennie D passes by. Beez is always happy bringing up the rear but Tereva settles with her, happily together.
Platformland, they are all over the horizon.
IMG_7501  IMG_7502
Tehani-Li (Little Darling) looking lovely and just for a change a local girl passes in the other direction.
IMG_7503  IMG_7504
The only upset as we approached sunset was colossal losses at backgammon and Tri-ominoes.........
We settle for the night in a neat line, a couple of boats heading right to find some wind.
IMG_7509  IMG_7514
I had an incredibly dark night and once again the sun struggled to wake up.
IMG_7523  IMG_7525  IMG_7526  IMG_7529
I went to bed at six. Bear took these pictures of sunrise.
00N  00S
We played games until three miles from the equator and then prepared to toast Neptune. We crossed at 13:45.36 in the pouring rain, our spirits could not be dampened though, Beez Neez has carried us more than thirty thousand miles and we were back in the northern hemisphere.
We crossed with Tereva and then tucked behind as we rounded the final corner to see the anchorage.
We waved at everyone as we passed through to the back, to anchor next to a fishing platform.
A merry gaggle of ladies gathered behind Serica for our Equator Crossing Party.
Adam’s official ‘welcome’.
Karel (Tehani-Li), Clare and Errol (Restless M) and Melian (Indian Summer), a wonderful evening.
                     GREAT TO CROSS TO THE NORTH