On Beez 2017

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 22 Sep 2017 22:57
Back to Beez
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We leave the bus, very amusing to see the football team advertised on the door................ at 01:30 local time and Sammie (our taxi driver) is waiting with his friend. One headlight as we now call him, took all the luggage as we piled in with Sammie for the twenty minute ride back to Beez.
We wiggle the cases through the props between Beez and her neighbour to find no ladder (despite emailing to ask one be in position). Kindly, Sammie took Bear back to the night guard who brought Bear back on his moped and went off in search. First, he brought back one so long that the London Fire Brigade would have been proud of but too long for our need, just up to the stern platform. Then our trusty little friend brought a step ladder which suited us just fine. The plan had been to winch all the cases up into the cockpit and then open the doors. No, I simply couldn’t wait. All bus journey I been fretting that Beez would have creatures, smells or worse, as we have never left her so long. Bear understood, so the bags were left on the ground (random bucket in picture.........) and up we went. Sliding door slid. Torch shone in..................nothing, all was well. An hour later all cases in the cockpit, I had done a CSI type search and relief flooded over us. Good to be ‘HOME’. Neither of us had put pressure on the other all the time we were away. We had forced ourselves to visit the UK for an extended period to give us time to re-evaluate, check our Bucket List, our commitment to Beez Neez. Well, here we are, and YES, we feel totally at home. From now on though we can visit family and friends for three months each year. Brilliant.
Within minutes, the kettle was on and the first case was being unpacked. Bed made, showers, could I settle, no. My body thought it was ten in the evening, my watch told me five in the morning – the next day. Oh well, it will take a few days to get body clocks straight methinks.
                      GREAT TO BE HOME ONCE MORE