Festival - Food

The Village Festival of Mutalau – Food
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Windarra and Beez arranged to meet on the quayside at six, to arrive at Mutalau in time for food. We had been warned that by seven thirty everything would be sold. Breakfast, once you got over the gloopy stage, was not dissimilar to what Mama used to make when we were in Spanish School in Antigua, Guatemala. This having coconut added to the sago. That shared, we went off to see what was being offered on the various stalls.  
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Many different kinds of food were on offer but Bear headed for the biggest local queue. Vegetarians go no further...........
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Bear had found a stall offering a portion of pork, a pigeon and vegetables.
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Watching Bear use a pigeons head as a whistle..................
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.......................and looking into his food dish, no more appetite for me.
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I went for a wander as Bear slavered over his pidge........... I found kebabs and sausages. I found myself cottage pie to have later on.
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By seven most stalls were indeed sold out and some were taking the Zzzzzz’s moment.
                     PIDGE WAS LOVELY