To Mt Kuring-Gai

Saturday the 5th of December and En Route to Sydney via Mount Kuring-Gai
Up we jumped this morning as we are off to Sydney, very excited indeed. Bear went to collect our little hire car and I packed a few things for the weekend including the backgammon set – of course.
IMG_0479  IMG_0477  IMG_0488
A few new states to the collection of number plates.
Newcastle rail – no more, you have to get the bus to Hamilton ten minutes away.
IMG_0486  IMG_0489
Newcastle is all about old and new buildings and old and new cars. Fashion is as you fancy. Our first stop was at the local mall for a few bits and bobs. I couldn’t help get excited at the glass and gleam.
My very own Santa.
IMG_0678  IMG_0679
Well, colour me happy. We walked into Big W and there they were. My original ‘action trousers’ have had a very heavy life over the years, I sail in them, do chores, bimble to showers and I have to say they are a very real favourite item of clothing – sadly, they are so thin they are beginning to be see-through. On my general list and certainly not expecting to find them so soon – there we saw the replacement, not only that but genuine Marvel.
IMG_0484  IMG_0485
After gathering a few new bits of tinsel, crackers and Christmas treats we bimbled off to the camera shop to get a recommendation for a lens cleaner in Sydney. Along the way we stopped to admire a traditional Christmas scene in a toy shop window.
Out on the motorway we passed a rail bridge, now used as an off-ramp for cars.
IMG_0499  IMG_0501
We loved the way the road was simply blasted through of the sandstone.
Very dramatic when we took an off-ramp.
Our little B+B at Mt Kuring-Gai was owned and run by a Chinese family. Wery, wery pleased to see us. Soon settled in, I was allowed to beat Bear at backgammon. Don’t upset me........Grrrrrr. Oh well, it has been a good day.
IMG_0505  IMG_0506  IMG_0508
For supper Bear chose a t-bone, veg and chips, I had beef chow mien that came with a side of fried rice, at seven pounds a piece we thought the meals were very good value. Time for a good nights sleep as tomorrow promises to be a memorable one. The breakfast menu had a variety of things to choose from, we both had bacon, egg and tomato, two toast and a cup of tea for the princely sum of three pounds fifty. The cost of living here is clearly so much cheaper than New Zealand and many of the islands we have visited across the Pacific.
                     LOVELY SUNNY DAY