Isla Lobos

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 24 Apr 2013 21:37
Isla Lobos
BF Isla Lobos 006
Chino gave us a lift, a very short ride to Isla Lobos. As the name suggests it wasn’t a surprise to see a nursing mother, who immediately smiled for the clicking cameras.
BF Isla Lobos 002  BF Isla Lobos 003  BF Isla Lobos 004
The noise of the outboard brought in some youngsters who put on a bit of a show.
BB Isla Lobos 026  BB Isla Lobos 030
After running the gauntlet of the soundo masses we saw Great Frigatebirds doing their stuff.
BB Isla Lobos 028  BF Isla Lobos 074
Instead of the ‘doof, doof, doof’ noise of the Magnificent Frigatebirds moving their gular sacs (that we heard on Barbuda), these chaps make noises like turkeys and waggle their wonderful red appendage in a flirting fashion. We saw others flying with a deflated sac. 
BF Isla Lobos 071  BF Isla Lobos 028  BF Isla Lobos 026 
Some boys were gathering twigs, others were preening to look their best and some of the girls were completely disinterested.
  BF Isla Lobos 008  BF Isla Lobos 015  BB Isla Lobos 038
We followed the path and soon came upon a lovely lad with smashing blue feet who didn’t mind a chat.
BF Isla Lobos 020
What a lovely face.
BF Isla Lobos 053  BB Isla Lobos 046
At the end of the path we found ourselves on the beach. Kicker Rock away in the distance.
BF Isla Lobos 040  BF Isla Lobos 039  BF Isla Lobos 042
Daniel, our temporary whisperer engages a lava lizard.
BF Isla Lobos 024
A chap enjoys the sun.
BB Isla Lobos 049  BF Isla Lobos 059
A chap in the shade and one sunbathing.
BB Isla Lobos 033
Along the beach and along another path, passing a Galapagos Cotton Flower.
BB Isla Lobos 058
How cute is the baby.
BF Isla Lobos 050  BF Isla Lobos 051
I know, more Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
 BB Isla Lobos 056  BF Isla Lobos 080  BB Isla Lobos 066
As we wait for Chino to pick us up this chap gives us one look and promptly flops across the path.
BB Isla Lobos 063