Day 5 to Fiji

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Sun 31 May 2015 12:00
Warm, Calm, Bear Wins and Some Electrical Mysteries
The day before yesterday I was arrested from my sleep at a quarter past eight by the bow thruster testing itself, as if it was standing in the shower doing a couple of chords, first one way, then the other. I could hear Bear chattering on the Net. A few minutes later a deep baritone to the left, then the right. Alarmed, I called the skipper, did it happen again, huh, what the chance of that when I had the said man in the bedroom with me to witness the performance – not a chance. He looked at me as if I had said I was about to plant a few tulip bulbs, the look on his face said go back to sleep you silly hallucinator, you. Later, I promised faithfully it was not my imagination as after the first verse I’d sat up fully awake and heard the second lah, lah, lah, me, me, me. Mmmm. Give the captain his due he went down to the potting shed, took out enough ‘stuff’ to have a good look – battery dry, no salt damage and as far as he could tell all was as it should be.
Yesterday I woke to a repeat performance. Three seconds to the left, three to the right and a minute or two later a repeat. Now when you’re standing in the cockpit you hear a ‘someone sawing a bit of wood on the quayside’ noise. Sitting up in bed it sounds like a lawnmower, very loud and very distinctive. I’m pleased to say if it happened this morning my brain let me sleep through it but Bear has a postulation. Maybe, just maybe it’s a frequency thing when I’m on the SSB Radio. Mmmm.
This morning I breezed out at ten, having gone to bed wearing just tee shirt and knickers. Wet weather gear not used at all, has been put back in their respective stables and big pullovers back in the cupboard. My two till six shift nary a shoe or sock worn, only a thin jumper on for the sake of it being to hand. Anyhoo, as I say I breezed out this morrow to find the engine hours had leapt into life, remember the twelve screw/wire waggle just before we set out from the marina ??? There is a full stop missing between the whole numbers and the decimal place, though. Thank you, dear.
Well, what can I say. Beez has her little ways eh.........
IMG_2832  IMG_2841
Bear sorted his fuses out, don’t’ ask I didn’t and later on enjoyed some tunes, on his six to ten duty he watched Notting Hill. I also enjoyed winning my first game of backgammon at sea in over eighteen months. Huh. I felt you whittled me down, I got two nil up and wilted through the constant whining to lose five three, I clearly need revenge tomorrow. Grrr. Bear enjoyed mixed fish with dangly bits paella and I finished off my chilli.
Noon summary:  Pretty idyllic and over half way, well, past the point of no return......
Noon position:    25:26.77 South and 177:24.82 East
Noon to Noon:    121 nautical miles
Miles Covered:    640 nautical miles
Miles to Go:        531 nautical miles


At six this morning we stood together and watched the day begin. We like squalls on the horizon, a harbinger of useful winds if we can ride at the edge.
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