Very Big Girls

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 15 Feb 2012 23:57
Very Big Girls Are Not To Be Rushed
BB To Daytona Beach 017
Bear was very excited to report that the Bridge of Lions was opening at 08:30 to a substantial looking arrangement coming through very slowly
BB To Daytona Beach 019  BB To Daytona Beach 025
Sadly the lead ‘girl’ was called William Breckinridge, the second ‘lot’ was under the command of Captain Ed
BB To Daytona Beach 033 
BB To Daytona Beach 032
Captain Ed was towing the longest load we have ever seen, it must have been unusual enough for many to stop and take pictures. It took a full twenty minutes to get both working ‘girls’ through and to let the pleasure craft passage. The traffic was at a standstill all this time and building up to quite a jam. The bridge only dropped to let the traffic over for ten minutes then reopened for the scheduled 09:00 opening. Many drivers were left scratching their heads and late for work. We were just about to leave and knew we would be seeing this lot again very soon.

BF To Daytona Beach 003

BF To Daytona Beach 005

BF To Daytona Beach 006

We caught up with the ‘gang’ on the next bend in the river. You can’t really make out the length of both ‘girls’...........


BF To Daytona Beach 007

BF To Daytona Beach 009

.....but as we closed up it looks like quite a heap.


BF To Daytona Beach 130  BF To Daytona Beach 131

BF To Daytona Beach 137  BF To Daytona Beach 138

This chap bobbed up amid the noise and nearly lost his lunch, a quick flick and all was secure


BF To Daytona Beach 061  BF To Daytona Beach 060

This girl was put right off


BF To Daytona Beach 012
BF To Daytona Beach 016
BB To Daytona Beach 038
BF To Daytona Beach 021
It took us twenty minutes to pass on the next straight. If they keep going we may meet again later.
BF To Daytona Beach 098 
We heard Knox Bridge ask if if was OK to lower the bridge as Captain Ed had passed, leaving the pipes to go under whilst not holding up the traffic. “No, leave the bridge until all is through”, we guess this is in case Captain Ed has to let go at the front and nip back to shuffle her rear end (hey – it could be short for Captain Edwina). Once again the load held up the traffic for twenty minutes.
BB To Titusville 001
LF Bits St Aug 025
LF Bits St Aug 027
It was 22:45 when the gang passed us at Daytona, the noise began as a low groan and was quite loud as they passed the anchorage. Incredible they carried on in the dark and on into the night.