A Day Off

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Thu 3 Apr 2014 22:57
Highworth Hall, Highworth
Highworth Hall  The HH Bar  IMG_9222
Knowing Seth was so much better, but now really feeling poorly ourselves, we bade farewell to Team Tinson and drove for half an hour to Highworth. We were booked into Highworth Hall for two nights before our journey north. The bar may have looked very appealing but all we wanted to do was get settled in and lay down. Michael, the manager, helped us upstairs with our luggage and whilst Bear parked the car at the back, I drew him a hot bath. We had bought sandwiches en route and I got our picnic ready.
By the time we had both had our soaks and our picnic, it was going on for half past eight. The bed looked very inviting, a bit of television and dozing before an early night was just the ticket. We lazed around all the next day until we went downstairs for supper. Our first day off in nineteen days, not that we were moaning - just exhausted with the constant hacking coughs and feeling really rough. Note to self, before we come home next time flu jabs are an absolute must, clearly our immune systems are not geared up for the grandchildren. Everyone seems to have had these awful coughs and colds, sadly many a warning that we have a long way to go “as they hang on for up to several weeks,” great, really great................ Up tomorrow and on the road by ten for the journey to Manchester, Family Law here we come.