Millard Family

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 23 Mar 2014 23:57
The Millard Family
We left Family Millard in Plymstock to visit the Millard Family in Plymouth, confused – keep up, we have to. Adam and Jenny had told us that our darling Duchess, Faye, had become something of an expert in the Pout department. Well we were not disappointed. Our only granddaughter was a stunner,  with the now famous pout.
Faye did have to look away quite swiftly as a tiny smile began to form.
IMG_8999  IMG_9000  IMG_9001  IMG_9004
Soon a tiara was modelled, curls shown from the side and a game with mummy (Jenny), our duchess was full of cold but tried her best to be good company. Jenny looked well, carrying our next grandson, how lucky are we. The most amazing thing is that, despite the time we have been missing, we have had the same experience in each of the four households we’ve visited so far. After the initial emotional reunion, we feel so at home and each of the families have said exactly the same thing - “only seems like a minute ago...........”
Bonni (Bonita) hadn’t changed from the softest, neatest little dog we have ever met.
IMG_9005  IMG_9006  IMG_9007
IMG_9008  IMG_9009  IMG_9010
They say ‘never work with children or animals’ add Bear to that list. I attempted to get father, son and granddaughter all looking at the same time, during a game of peek-a-boo. My average was two out of three. Good fun though. The Family Millard are on holiday for a week (hope you have a brilliant time), but we got another visit to the Millard Family on Tuesday. Our surprise was Alex. Fantastic to see him and looking really good sporting a full face beard.
Bear had been started by Seth, slam-dunked by Jacob and finished off by the Duchess. I was nearly as bad, so we spent a family day jus’ chillin’, using masses of tissues and reacquainting our taste buds with the delights of Hacks, Tunes and Soothers. What a wonderful day we had though, so good in fact I completely forgot to take a picture of Alex with his dad, sorry Al, that’ll make sure we have to repeat today. I did get a lovely picture of the Millard Family, this of course will soon have to be updated as the number will go from three to four members........ Time now to return to Miffy and Rachel for New Zealand lamb roast dinner.