Return to Wasai

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Wed 8 Sep 2010 22:49
Return to Wasai Lodge, Puerto Maldonado
Wednesday the 8th of September.
We all jumped up remarkably chipper at five thirty for a breakfast of scrummy pancake, apple juice and a cup of tea at six o'clock. Getting very used to making our cuppa white with just a few drips of tinned evaporated milk. Packed and ready to walk down to the boat where our much trusted driver Cesar was waiting as always very patiently.
Morning mist over the river
Bear walking out of the jungle mist and very heavy dew that fell from branches like huge raindrops
Anne, Alan, Omar and another of our group heading down to the boat
Off we go at six thirty, Omar as always keeps a clean foredeck, mop ever to hand
The sun doing its very best
We waved our farewell to Junior (half way up the steps), he had looked after us and served us well during our stay
The sun trying a bit harder
By seven thirty all the mist had cleared but we were roaring along at twenty seven miles per hour we had to wrap up warm
The lumber yard on the outskirts of the city
Puerto Maldonado getting nearer - The Barrios
New pieces of bridge ready
Nearly back to base
Pulling in at ten to nine, Anne thought it was lunchtime. Our rooms were being cleaned so we had a cup of tea and a jam roll or two
Back in our original room 501, it soon became a sorting base for the next lot of packing. Bit of laundry and shower. Only sadness for me - Bear killed my 300mm lens
                     VERY JUNGLE-LIKE EXPERIENCE