Biggles or Rocky

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 6 Jun 2015 22:57
Biggles or Rocky – You Choose
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Now, as you all know I’m incredibly proud of my ‘flying hat’. Bear bought it for me many, many years ago in North Devon and I have worn it with pride every winter, always flaps down in a casual fashion and sometimes chin strap done up, but never like Sherlock done up over the top a la deerstalker. A man did walk up to me once and offered to buy my jewel “for any price you care to mention”, he was en route to the England France rugby game and the nip was more than biting in the air as attested to by the colour of said mans ears.....
I have always known it to be a flying hat and for several years Bear searched until he sought out a jacket, in black, of course – brown was too easy to find, that would grace the back of any pilot but especially you. Oh stop with the Arrr’s. The perfect combination to wear with my black boots, turned down in a trendy mode, long before they were known as Uggs or as popular as they are today. Sadly, when I teamed the jacket with my hat and boots I looked ridiculous. I tried it on and it felt divine, the soft sheepskin interior was heaven to the touch, all excited I stepped up to the mirror. Shock horror. I looked like a tortoise who was trying on a shell he had no possible chance of growing into, despite it being the correct size. I could actually spin around and the jacket stayed put. Crest fallen, we left the shop with no wasting of a perfectly good carrier bag.
When I set my Dongle to the task of getting on line last night I found I had fifty two emails, one from Frank a very dear BARB. He had been impressed by my Rocky of Rocky and Bullwinkle hat. So sorry if I’m a bottom feeder here but I have never heard of the cheeky little chap.
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Today Bear gave the girl a jolly good wash down having to remove great globs of salt from all her nook and crannies. He then put our yellow cover up, went for some bread and had a shower. I have largely whiled the day catching up and reducing my inbox. I did have a good look around the castle and found no damage, coupled with no bruises or injuries on each other – a remarkable feat considering some of the bronco rides we had on our journey here. The only mark to the interior of our home was the sooty water mark across the lower step, as shown in the Day 2 to Fiji blog and an interesting tiff between our Bee sweet jar and our tall red candle. Careful sweeping of the IPod player and a sweep around the shelf boys is necessary methinks. 
Back to the task or question in hand.
Biggles 2  Rocky and Bullwinkle
Biggles or Rocky ???
Biggles  IMG_2758  rocky 2
It’s over to you dear reader to choose.
                     I KNOW WHAT I THINK......