Fantasy and Shrimps

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Wed 16 Jan 2013 23:44
The Fleet Prepare to Leave Roatan
BB Bits Fantasy 004
Annie, Eric, Allen, Dee, Bear, Janelle, Queenie, Paddy, Patricia and Gerry
Last night we were all called to attend a passage planning meeting on Fantasy Island, just opposite. I was the only numpty who went with a pen and paper......... Just simply another excuse to have a few stiff libations, this time on Annie and Gerry. Annie did however say that after New Years Eve she may not drink again until the next, firmly sticking to orange juice. The rest of us, well, let’s just say ‘made of sterner stuff’. We did toast Janelle who is back to San Pedro Sula tomorrow morning having had the sad task of packing up Georgeann. We wish Howard a speedy recovery and Janelle much strength for their journey back to Oz. Good Luck Janelle.
BB Bits Fantasy 011  BB Bits Fantasy 009  BB Bits Fantasy 002
Nothing for it but to enjoy a rainbow and the sunset and have fun amongst friends
BB Bits Fantasy 005  BB Bits Fantasy 014
Paddy rarely looks when you ask so we had to grab him with Queenie. The jam band were very good.
BB Shrimp do 009  BB Shrimp do 015
Tonight Mike and Lilo served a Shrimp Party as our leaving do with the promise of adding a boat cap to the growing collection
BB Shrimp do 012
Lizzy and Chris – the excellent jam leaders, farewell.
BB Shrimp do 005  BB Shrimp do 006
We all said our ‘goodbyes’ and hugged our German friends, especially Ti-Ta-Ro on the left.
BB Shrimp do 004  BB Shrimp do 007
A nice shot of Allen, Dee and Queenie. A potential stowaway when we got back to Beez.