St Mary's to SOH

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Thu 24 Dec 2015 23:27
A Lovely Bimble from St. Mary’s Cathedral to Sydney Opera House
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We were all set to leave Beez and were surprised when we heard a knock – it was Dave and Jenny [Alexes], not seen since Moorea. What a lovely start to the day. We all took the steps together with the promise to meet up in the New Year. For now, it was time to jump into our little hire car and find the car park under the cathedral. Coming out at ground level the sky above us was dominated by the beautiful St. Mary’s Cathedral. It was wonderful to enter and give thanks for being here today. Inside was as stunning as the outside.
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Just a little look around as we intend to return for a tour.
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Outside memorials to Pope John Paul and St. Mary of the Cross.
Wow, the Cathedral is certainly a looker.
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Opposite I looked up to see the Westfield Tower and colour me happy. It had to be done. Trigger finger in action.
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Just then a Hop On Hop Off bus came along – another must as soon as we can. The bus does a ninety minute loop around the central district and another ninety minute loop taking in Bondi Beach, so looking forward to that, well actually we are both looking forward to everything. We headed to Macquarie Street and passed yet another must see, the Convict Story in the Macquarie Building.
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We both found ourselves drinking in everything we saw - flowers and flags. 
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Sydney Eye Hospital, with its guardian boar and cute Little Shop.
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As we bimble we have to look down as not to miss these stunning man hole covers.
Across the road is St. Stephen’s – of another persuasion or flavour as Bear calls it.
The Mitchell Wing of the State Library, from the side - a must explore, so many exhibitions.
The Public Library of New South Wales – to give it its proper title, from the front.
We crossed the road and cut through the Botanical Gardens for a sneak peek, another must for a full explore, especially as 2016 is the two hundredth anniversary of the gardens.
IMG_1228  IMG_1230  IMG_1231
Such well kept grounds. Number 11 didn’t want to pose, but we enjoyed the bimble through.
The city makes such a dramatic backdrop to the gardens.
A few more paces and we could see Sydney Harbour Bridge.
IMG_1235  IMG_1236
A quick look back and a pose.
We popped out at the Opera House.
Explorer of the Seas is in.
We will never tire of this view, what a for real excitement, family excitement......
                     A LOVELY BIMBLE IN THE SUNSHINE