Ranthambore Town

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Thu 18 Apr 2019 22:17
The Town, Ranthambore
Leaving our digs we would have five or ten minutes on the main road. Hotels, eateries and small shops each side.
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Turn left – short cut to the High Street – aroma rising. Passing a mosque Bear fell about laughing and pointing at several pigs said I bet they feel safe there. Bad boy, be good. As we progressed slowly by cows, pigs, people, dogs, camel and cart, buses, trucks and many safari jeeps things got bumpier.
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Now on the main road to most of the safari zones things got wetter, smellier and more strewn rubbish.
A few shop keepers keep a clean frontage but many don’t notice or care......
........and some are blissfully unaware.
IMG_0006  IMG_0011
A tricked out lorry, at the back two men are actually underneath – the whole thing resting on four bits of breeze blocks. We saw it rock a bit, men scurry out looking alarmed, wiggle stopped, back under.......Oooo.
Tricked out camel, well attempted.........
IMG_0008  IMG_0009
Tricked out motorbike.
At the market the road widens, now we are six-abreast with bikes, motorbikes, tuktuks, bus, lorries, all trying to merge into one lane each way. Why oh why does the person six back stick his thumb to his air-horn and blast away. I wish them ill, want to break their thumbs and simply hate the noise, which, truth be told has not an ounce of success or helping the proceedings to a speedy conclusion. This particular time (and we went forth three times and back three times), we sat for ten minutes until one lorry gave way and yielded. Oh, and did I forget to mention all the shouting and gesticulating.........
 IMG_0025  IMG_0026
Long distance buses are few and far between, hence every seat, standing space and roof are full to capacity. The interesting (sad) thing is the people on the roof pay exactly the same fare. Same for the trains but some do ‘nip on’ when no one is looking.
IMG_0016  IMG_0017
As dentists go......not sure if we would fancy it.
Side streets.
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Other bits and bobs we saw.
IMG_0004 - Copy
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The bit of light relief was this cow waiting patiently to be served, telling her friend to “wait yer turn”..........
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