Coral World

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 6 Mar 2010 22:08

Coral World
The second day with the hire car Bear said he would take me to Coral World to swim with a sea lion, as a treat for being patient with the AAA fiasco. We drove on this very dull day to the north coast headed for Coki Beach and found the place. Sadly, no swim as the price was ninety four dollars, couldn't justify that so we just paid the entry fee. The adverts we had seen lead us to believe the "Sea World" was on Disney proportions but no, still we try to support local zoos and parks as tourists - so in we went.
The Touch Pool had the usual suspects, starfish, sea cucumber etc
We passed these synchro swimmers en route to the Observatory Tower. A couple who had escaped from a cruise ship
Fifteen feet below the surface we watched a diver feed the resident wild Jacks. We saw him later sporting a wound on his foot where one had taken a nip
Bear wandering past the mangrove tank en route to the aquariums. A sail fish
A wonderfully disguised seahorse. A glow in the dark coral.
A couple of varieties of anemone.
Busy Blennies.
A couple of fish.
A nice tank and a chap just hanging around.
 A regular in our world was sitting on the edge of the shark tank catchin' rays mon
Bear laughed at the gaggle of nurse sharks. We listened to a talk about the residents
Then we got to stroke a shark called Kelp, not sure what's next when he outgrows the bowl he sits in to have it done
Next it was feeding time at stingray lagoon. People were encouraged to feed these lovely creatures, one made a splash when the person wasn't quick enough.
We went around the small Nature Trail and saw a duck sharing his swim with a red legged tortoise.
Bear showed his prowess as a duck whisperer so well this whistling duck could be heard snoring.
We had to go into Marine Gardens to see Omar the sea lion who poked his tongue out at the suggestion he was a seal. He demonstrated how they swim by flapping their tails
Showed how he could stand right up, something a seal cannot do. Sniffed his armpit to order.
and enjoyed the displays with his keeper.
Coral World seen from the Observatory Tower and nearby Coki Beach. It was just about to pour with rain so we headed back to Charlotte Amalie, ice cream in hand