Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Tue 12 Apr 2011 21:59
Ardastra Gardens, Zoo and Conservation Centre





We had a laugh at the "World Famous marching Flamingos", then had time for a quick look round. Ardastra Gardens were opened in 1937 through the work of the Jamaican horticulturist, Hedley Vivian Edwards. Ardastra is from the Latin Ardua astrum, which means “Striving for the stars”. The Flamingoes were brought to the gardens by the government of the Bahamas in the 1950's, with the intention of breeding them as Flamingoes had become rare in The Bahamas. In 1982 the gardens were bought by the Bahamian, Mr. Norman Solomon, who started the first zoo of the Bahamas there. The zoo now has about 300 animals but is best known for its flamingoes. Ballerinas in Pink was an article about the parrots which featured in the October 1957 magazine.





The usual suspects in a smallish zoo. The parrot man insisted we get pictures and a kiss from Kiki. Bear was delighted the Bahamian Boa Constrictor was behind glass. I thought he was a very handsome boy. He belongs to a group of snakes called the rainbow snakes, although they are mottled grey-brown they are iridescent in the sunlight. I don't care what they can do with their descants. I don't think I will ever get Bear to like snakes.




Fairly upsetting to see these beautiful Jaguars constantly prowling in their small cage. Time for me to practice some tortoise whispering.



Chance for us to see a Bahamian Parrot




A new one on us was the Caracal





"D'ya want me this way, that way or just plain cute"





We wandered some more and our last exhibit - The Australian Black Swan, lovely bird, but while Mrs preened he went mad and raced at us, thankfully a small wall kept him in, so angry.