Day 8 to St Helena

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Tue 4 Feb 2020 06:00
24:47.05 S  4:44.65 E
Day Eight to St Helena
I got up at ten this morning to find the wind at four-ish knots and our speed between two and three knots. Mmmmm. At least we have enough fuel to motor the rest of the way if needs must. At eleven o’clock the sea was a lovely blue.
Yesterday was a very pleasant day, I sat and crossed the bottoms of fifty-three sprouts – who does that at sea ??? At lunchtime I felt adventurous enough to do Bear peppered sliced beef (needed to use) with mash, mushroom gravy and thirteen of his much beloved sprouts. Heaven, with a little wine. Once cooled we made four bags of ten of the remaining green balls for the freezer. Delicious. I fancied staying with the egg theme and enjoyed mushroom omelette with some cheese.
On the backgammon field Bear beat me five three so I immediately needed a revenge match winning five two. This brings the total to Bear 13 to my 10, this must change. Yes, but how much money have you won so far ??? Only US$ 28. Well then. Yes, but that’s not a lot of money considering we are already in February, I would like to average a hundred dollars a month. HUH, not if I can help it.
P2030065  P2030069
I did have to make a comment about not becoming a ‘grotty yachty’ so between ‘happy pictures’ there was a good wash and the Old Goats Rule tee shirt was confined to the wash basket. I have no doubt it will leap into the suds with gay abandon. Out came his favourite old Hydrovane tee. 
The day went by quickly. Bear read and listened to music. Overnight instead of just charging with the engine on, I was instructed to motor, no problem, I enjoyed the best of Torvill and Dean and the best of Riverdance – both excellent. Amazing to think that it was the Eurovision of 1994 that the world sat, hairs standing up in exhilaration, to the tap of so many talented feet.
At six this morning we have covered 104.2 nmiles. 
Total completed 935.6 nauttical miles.