Udaipur Digs

Our Digs in Udaipur
Our room
Our room (with the orange arrow).
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We settled in our digs for four nights (travel day, two exploring and a day off), huge comfy bed and a window seat.
From the website:- Madri Haveli is part of a long history of more than 300 years. The property was purchased 7 years ago from the Maharaj of Madri by a French investor and Indian designer. During 6 years, it was under renovation, using the same methods and material which were used 300 years before. Tons of stone were used to give back the same old style and property prosperity. There are fourteen bedrooms.
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I unpacked as Bear went for Coke and snacks, then I climbed up into the window seat and loved the ‘lady windows’, one each side. They are about nine inches high and when open give a little draft. Cute. The next room also had them.
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Views opposite and some neat electrickery for a change, loads of pigeons love to roost on the wires and chipmunks use them as short cuts during the day.
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Looking down on the jewellers and hair salon. Hundreds of motorbikes, tuktuks, pedestrians and cows use the street (too narrow for cars), the constant tooting can get wearing but at least it goes quiet overnight from about eleven-ish to about five thirty-ish.
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Looking left down the street and right to watch for Bear.
Looking down on the central courtyard. So reminiscent of riads in Morocco.
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We are on the second floor, above us one more level of accommodation. The fourth floor is for sitting and cooking with a half level higher where breakfast is served.
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Views from the top.
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Dusk. We ate in (our out as it happens) the first night. Sadly, they didn’t know coriander or cumin were herbs so I spent a rough night and the other evenings Bear had his supper with me in our room as I tucked into my trusty tinned tuna – with a few treats.
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Our little candle was not up to the task so we ordered by torchlight.
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Night views.
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Bear at breakfast and day off with Beds (today).
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Random bits and bobs. 
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