Beez Launch Pt 2

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 7 Nov 2018 23:57
Pangkor Marina Launch Day – Part Two
IMG_0102  IMG_0104  IMG_0113
James came four o’clock as high tide made our launch possible.
Off we went, trundling slowly across the hard, a gentle three-point-turn in front of a huge boat and backwards toward the water.
IMG_0106  IMG_0107
Across the road to our left a couple of ‘one careful owners’, next step a big, sad question.
Mid turn, dirty knees thoroughly enjoying himself.
IMG_0108  IMG_0120
Much concentration on James’ face and a massive, cheesy grin oozing from the skipper.
IMG_0118  IMG_0122
Over the water at last. Lowered, we could hear Beez delight as her feet got wet for the first time since we lifted on the 25th February 2017...... Count to eight with the ignition light on, turn and........ a gentle purr barely audible above the noise of the Sea Lift. Water spitting out the back, James asked me to engage reverse, he loosed us and back we went. A celebratory three-point-turn and and U-turn and we were on the bunkering dock. The lads shook Bear’s hand and cheekily smiled “Welcome to Pangkor Marina” before falling into fits of giggles.
I nipped over to jetty one to take this picture Beez not only on the Bunkering Dock but afloat.