Hair Saga

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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Thu 31 Mar 2011 17:19
The Hair Saga

Now I know it comes partly through my mischievous spirit and partly to keep life fresh that I do random experiments on the Captains face and head growth.  Last year when I asked for votes on the lack of facial hair the overwhelming response from all, plus a few rude comments, resulted in the beard re-growth. At the time I should have copied the email from Martin as it was so funny. He admitted to being completely traumatised seeing his father with a naked face, like some cheap, plastic settee. He also said he had to put his hands over Bear's face and stare into his eyes to check it was still his dad. 





Well this years experiment was the hair growth, I called it a saga in the title as now we are at the full, elderly, candy floss stage - I see my worst fears - A Grotty Yachty - who has put on years and looks positively 'cruddy' even when newly showered and a comb has been used. On our tour of Long Island yesterday, I realised the hair growth was a bad idea, there was encouragement from me for the skipper to keep the hat on. Any time the hat came off the candy floss looked like a bad impression of Captain Weird (for those who can remember The Andy Williams Show from our younger days - Jimmie Osmond was about six at the time). Action in the morning then. Why oh why the head growth cannot match the fur on the chest - I don't know, there it just keeps getting thicker. Billy Connolly was quite right when he said that men of a certain age thin on top, a wild forest begins to grown on and in the ears, and bushes grow out of the ends of noses.

Any road up. Other boats had said they are getting free wi-fi, so we up anchored this morning to move until I got a reasonable signal, As a coincidence an email arrived and we read it after breakfast this morning.

This time I have cut and paste the email from Kate. As I read it out loud to 'is nibs' my eyes were watering so much from the laughter, it took twice as long to read and plenty of noises from himself like - Huh and MMMMMMMMMmmmmmm

The font I chose to distinguish the email also made me laugh - Baskerville Old Face - You B - - tard -  Oooo er Skipper, that's another first. Here is the email................ after the last picture of Scruffy Bear



Pepe, Pepe, Pepe,
I feel I have to email even though it’s very late for a work night should be in bed, been up doing work and thought I would quickly check the blog, doing so I’ve stayed up to email, as I really needed to.....
It's the hair, I feel I need to let you know I am very unsure and he looks like an old man desperately trying to stay young, the Santa attempt at the beard was bad and I’m glad it has been rectified however the hair, oh the hair Pepe it’s not good.
I feel Jack may start getting confused and need to say great pa pa if the hair growth continues, especially the comb over look and the balding look on top, oh dear, it’s painful to talk about.
Obviously it’s up to you (and not the man in question I might add) but I really did feel the urge and need to send this straight away, mostly because I cannot enjoy the blog as much as I can’t help but cringe at the long white - grey straggly things on his head (well around the edge not on top.)
Sod what the old man wants by the way.
I sincerely hope you take my views on board and make a suitable decision for yourself and also us blog followers back home that has to look at the hairy thing.

"Taken on board my Darling" – clippers at the ready and I will at this point promise - NO FURTHER EXPERIMENTS.




The half way stage




The Evidence



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                    HUH - BUT NO MORE COMBING