Last Neiafu

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 16 Nov 2013 23:57
A Last Little Blog from Neiafu
CP Egg event 001  CP Egg event 003
Leaving Neiafu on the morrow, Bear said we ought to celebrate and have eggs for breakfast. I was mustered as the timer alarm went and as I passed the cooker, it was clear an egg event was about to occur. I got my own, only for the second time, ever.
CP Egg event 005  CP Egg event 006
Bear had more out than in and a little one on the side.
CP Car Day 146  CP Car Day 147
Once again there was no room on the Customs Dock so lets see what the officials say, leaving Beez on her buoy. “No problem, we’ll clear you out.” Ashore we saw this incredible windscreen, how the driver can see out beggars belief.
CP To Botanicals 004
The Police car looks in need of quite a bit of duct tape, we like the uniform very much.
CP To Botanicals 001
A new number plate to the collection.
CP To Botanicals 002
A final look across the harbour, until we return next year.
DSCN1648  DSCN1649
In the evening we went across to the Aquarium for meat night. The freighter had delivered and we heard on the morning net that the outside BBQ would be up and running. Bear said I should get a decent signal to post some blogs. Um No. I tried for an hour and no joy at all. Pork and Beef ribs, beans and salad. I won’t say they were tough but I got nowhere and handed mine over.
Needless to say, the Bear did his Henry VIII impression.
                     A FRIENDLY TOWN