Ferry to Yamba

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 15 Apr 2016 22:17
Ferry to Yamba
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We settled Baby Beez on the nice floating pontoon and chatted to a little chap busy fishing off the end who came bounding up to say ‘hello’. We told his grandparents we off to Yamba for the day – on the ferry......... Off we bimbled to the ‘ferry dock’ by the fish and chip shop, not sure, so we began to walk beyond the fishing ladies.
We asked a local who had no idea and the engineer working on another boat was too busy on his mobile.
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We headed back toward the fish and chip shop, smack dab into a builders bottom. We loved the _expression_ on the seagulls face in the middle picture...........
Are we were in the right place. “No” said a smiling young man as he put the open sign out. “Are you walking, oh well take the dinghy to the end of the anchorage, round the wall, past the campsite and you’ll see the dock by the little shop-come-cafe.” We had arrived with a lovely half an hour to spare. Now we had to break into a trot to get back to Baby Beez and race the ferry........”Oh” said the grandparents, “Yes, the ferry goes from the other end” pointing helpfully........ Had I had the time I would have pushed them in for a brisk paddle........
Talking about paddle, we had to slow right down for a young lady out on her paddle board. We were a long way behind Mirigini.
We ended up on the right side of the ferry as she swung round in front of us to get alongside. I did my very best sign language and fortunately the skipper understood, came out of his nest and cheerfully said “Don’t rush, plenty of time.” Bear secured Baby Beez at the end of the jetty and we were ready to board.
On board we were met by the owners dogs, and very nice they looked too. One elder and one adult return journey twelve pounds, just as well we brought our own picnic lunch to off-set the cost.
Just had to have another one
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Off we went. We went to thank the captain and stayed to chat. He was really sweet and let all the children have a go at steering and getting their pictures taken.
Skippers together – Scott and Bear. 
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We followed the markers, went through the gap in the wall across the river and saw Yamba in the distance.
In the middle on the left a one carefully owned structure.
Our return journey was picturesque.
Just a few minutes after we had begun our journey we saw a floating church (far right). Later we looked up this ‘first for us’.
Floating church  rev  2 
ABC North Coast NSW reported this story last year:
A ruined yacht has been resurrected as a floating church that will serve communities along the Clarence River. The Church on the Clarence, also named The Resurrection, was built using the hull of a destroyed yacht. "Four men decided to get drunk and take out daddy-in-law's $1.5 million yacht in a storm and wrecked the whole yacht except the foundations," said Reverend Sister Lyn Bullard. "When I went to a boat builder and said what I had in mind, he said 'I've got a great foundation for that' and he told me the story. "In many ways, this boat has been given a second chance."

The floating church is being launched by the Anglican Diocese of Grafton at Yamba, but will serve all communities along the Clarence River. "We realised we needed to do something a little bit more creative to attract people who don't really want to go to a conventional church anymore," said Reverend Bullard. "The way we do church these days needs to change to meet the needs of the people who may want to come in but are daunted by a building."

The boat has a capacity of 50 passengers and Reverend Bullard said it would also be made available to the community for private events. "This boat is all about looking for people who perhaps need a second chance in life, some counselling or direction, or perhaps they're looking to renew their relationship with God," she said.

"But I want this to be a party boat as well." What a fabulous idea. Here’s to Resurrection and all who attend services on her.



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Looking back to Yamba. Looking right before the corner.





At the corner we could look out to sea.





The various and many retaining walls all help to increase the river current and reduce silting, keeping the channels open.



IMG_4772  IMG_4773


Up to and through.





Bear snuck a picture of me. A fun day.





We crossed the river and Scott took us in to our anchorage (Beez two to the left of the catamaran on the right). “This is to show the tourists the fishing industry and anchorage.” Scott told us. A very interesting and quite pretty sky.

                     A LONG MEANDER TO CROSS THE RIVER