To Akamaru

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Tue 25 Jun 2013 21:17
To Akamaru Island, The Gambiers
To Akamuru 003
We woke this morning to a completely still, windless morning.
To Akamuru 004
The moon behind us.
To Akamuru 005
The tide was out...............
BF Reef 007
........exposing coral heads.
To Akamuru 007
We enjoyed the scenery and waited for the three foot tide to rise.
To Akamuru 011
Up anchor and off across the interesting terrain.
To Akamuru 012
The fairway couldn’t have been flatter – so different than when we came in.
To Akamuru 013
Passing the end of Aukena Island.
To Akamuru 016
Akamaru, behind Mekiro.
To Akamuru 015
We picked our way around the pearl farm buoys, saw a yacht parked a fair way out and assumed it was too shallow any further in, we dropped the anchor a polite distance from our neighbour. No sooner than we had settled the other boat left. Time for roast chicken after our journey – all of six miles.

To Akamuru 017

Behind us we watched the the waves breaking over the reef.


To Akamuru 030

Away to the left a similar picture.


To Akamuru 048

Lunch and time for a spuddle. The girl, Mangareva in the distance (about three miles) to the left.

                     LEARNING TO CORAL HEAD DODGE