Garden of Dreams - Pt 1

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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 31 Mar 2018 22:27
The Garden of Dreams, Kathmandu – Part One
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We took a slow bimble to the Garden of Dreams, not too far from our digs. In through a gated entrance, up a few steps passing a water feature to pay our one pound thirty (each) fee. To our right was a little seating area and already we felt as if we left the chaos and noise of the city far behind.
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After showing our tickets to the attendant, we moved forward and to our surprise saw a huge space. To our left a massive tiered area surrounded by colonial buildings. To our right a formal garden set around a large pool.
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A pillar set in a recess gave wonderful advice:- we must cultivate our gardens.
We followed the path to the right of the garden and found some old favourites, (including Dickensonia Antarctica in the background).
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Of course the trigger finger flexed at the upturned trunk and then he found a gateway.
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Passing the large pool we stopped to take in one of the twin fountains and a lily or two.
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Happy flowers.
We went upstairs, a better way to view the formal garden at the far end to our left.
To our right.
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Behind us, a chipmunk serious about taking in the rays.
Below the chipmunk was the nursery. 
Kaiser Sumsher
From the Garden of Dreams website: The Garden of Dreams, a neo classical historical garden, is situated in the midst of Kathmandu city, Nepal. The Garden was famous as the garden of Six Seasons which was created by late Field Marshal Kaiser Sumsher Rana (1892-1964) in early 1920. After the completion of this Garden, it was considered as one of the most sophisticated private gardens of that time. However, it was a private garden of Kaiser Sumsher, it was beautifully designed inspired by the famous Edwardian style. Kishore Narshingh, a prominent architect who designed and constructed Singha Durbar in 1907, designed and supervised the construction of the Garden of Dreams. Within the Garden walls, Kaiser Sumsher created an exquisite ensemble of pavilions, fountains, decorative garden furniture and European inspired features such as verandas, pergolas, balustrades, urns and birdhouses. He erected six impressive pavilions, each dedicated to one of the six seasons of Nepal. These pavilions provided the Garden's architectural framework and lent a cosmopolitan flavour to the formal arrangement of flowers, shrubs and trees. Today, only half of the original garden is in existence.

After the demise of Kaiser Sumsher, the garden was handed over to the Government of Nepal. However, it was not properly managed for decades. Seven years of extensive renovation (2000 – 2007) has revived the garden as per the original concept with added modern facilities. It has now become an oasis of peace and tranquillity in the urban bustle of Kathmandu city. The size of the Garden is 6,895 sq. meter including three pavilions, amphitheatre, central ponds, pergolas, urns and combination of small gardens to larger ones.
The Garden of Dreams renovation project was financed by Austrian Government, the project was implemented by
Eco Himal. This model project has become a sustainable historic site which lie dormant and could be similarly restored and developed to great benefits. The Garden of Dreams has also contributed to improve the quality of life for both the citizens and tourists in the central Kathmandu.
Now, Garden of Dreams is considered as one of most attractive tranquil oasis, tourism landmark which also houses a natural library where visitors can take advantage of natural beauty inter related with historical and architectural flavour. Garden of Dreams welcomes private and corporate functions, receptions, cultural programs, and classical concerts too.



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Over the wall it was pleasing to see more restoration in progress.