Musket Snorkel

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Tue 4 Aug 2015 22:57
Our Wonderful Snorkel Behind the Anchorage
Just before our final right turn into the anchorage we saw quite an unusual scene, people walking on a sandbar, well just to the left is the reef that the resort boats take snorkelers to feed the fish and enjoy the shallows. It was on our list but the weather has been so overcast and cold the need has been somewhat squashed thus far. Well today, although still overcast, the radio chirped and the Scott-Frees asked if we fancied a snorkel before lunch. Absolutely, but I have no doubt I’ll be whinging about cold water and........... I’ll be brave as it will be nice to get off Beez and enjoy our first snorkel in ages.
IMG_2248  IMG_4117
We parked the dinghies by the sandbar and swam the short distance to the reef in chest high water, of course I whinged as I got myself wet but as soon as I neared the reef I was coloured happy. The water was clear, the fish were in crowds and the black and white chaps did not skitter away, seemed unconcerned and posed nicely.
IMG_4048  IMG_4049  IMG_4050
Steve got some bread ready and the fish seemed patient, about frenzy of activity.
IMG_2256  IMG_4081  IMG_4053
The same thing happened when Bear fed them, they also loved the crumbs that got stuck in Bear’s fur. I didn’t, it felt so weird being preened by so many hungry mouths. Things settled after all the bread had been demolished.
IMG_4044  IMG_2224
I went in search of singles. I have to remember the brown ones as well as the unusual.
IMG_2262  IMG_2273  IMG_4041
Handsome, stripy and small.
IMG_4125  IMG_2260
A nice pair. Peaceful grazing.
Pretty in pink.
IMG_4040  IMG_4097
Defending his patch and great pyjamas.
IMG_4123  IMG_4101
Beautiful blue.
IMG_4095  IMG_4094  IMG_4102
Jumping in the picture, posing badly and swirling at the last second.
Photo bombed just as I’d lined up the rainbow coloured parrot.
Weird, this wafting set of hands were at the end of a three foot long ‘creature’.
IMG_4128  IMG_4119  IMG_4103  IMG_4137
It was a treat to see such healthy looking coral.
 IMG_4061  IMG_4060
We will always remember the nutty feeling of being swarmed.
IMG_4080  IMG_2258