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Wed 19 Mar 2014 23:57
Fun with a Teak Cockpit Table
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I went on line and ordered our new teak cockpit table from the wonderful K J Howells of Hamworthy, Poole. Dave got straight on the job and promised to choose me a beauty. I thought it would arrive next week whilst we were staying with MOTH.
Below is a copy of the email I sent to the dear lady...............
An amusing thing happened today.
I ordered a teak folding table, as you do.
I asked for it to be sent to you and assumed it would arrive next week, me to answer the door. Ordered it yesterday and today I got a call.
"I'm outside". Sounded so much like Joe I asked why not come in.
"Because of the dogs".
What dogs.
"The big dogs"
Where are you
"In Plympton"
Oh I'm in Swindon can you knock next door.
"I've knocked at all of them"
Can you put the card in one of their doors.
"there's a woman below, hang on" I hear shouting about taking it in. "Yes she'll take it below"
I have no idea who is below, but, if you could find my teak cockpit table I will be more than thrilled. Got to get some varnish and give it a couple of coats so it looks nice and sealed, shove it in my case mongst the smalls and slip it in to NZ as you do………..
Never a dull moment.
Teak table
A varnished example
Reply from MOTH came forthwith.
It's in  your room!!  Hope it's the packaging which is weighing, needed a forklift to get it up the stairs....no just joking but I reckon it's about 10K (although suspect you will have checked that before purchasing knowing you).
I expect the delivery man arrived, found a very loud, large, hairy beast and a petite, quite loud, hairy beast in the front yard,  I was probably in the conservatory and didn't notice the barking so he thought no-one about. Monica's daughter Penny took it in and brought it round later.
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